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TVs & Video

Great deals and specials on some of our most popular gear

TVs & Video

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  • Sanus VMA202 Sound Bar Speaker Mount

    Attach your sound bar or center channel speaker directly to your TV mount

    In Stock

    10 people say 

    • for use with compatible Sanus flat-panel TV wall mounts
    • universal design fits sound bars and center channel speakers
    • adjustable height to raise or lower the speaker relative to the TV

    Free Shipping

    $69.99 After $10.00 Savings

    Open Box: $49.99
  • Sanus CFA16SM

    On-wall swing-out accessory for Sanus component racks

    In Stock

    • mounts to wall
    • locked hinge with release tab

    Free Shipping

    $99.99 After $30.00 Price Break

  • Niles C5-VGA

    CAT-5 VGA video balun

    In Stock

    1 person says 

    • sends VGA video to another room in your house via shielded CAT-5 cable
    • VGA input/output, shielded Ethernet jack
    • two Niles VGA baluns required for a fully functioning setup

    Free Shipping

    $74.99 After $30.00 Price Break

    Open Box: $63.74
    Scratch & Dent: $59.99
  • Recoton DirecTV Installation Kit (model V520)

    Basic kit for a single-receiver DirecTV system

    In Stock

    • Provides necessary cables, including RG6 coaxial cable, telephone line cord, and stereo audio/video RCA patch cord
    • includes compass, assorted fasteners, anchors, and more

    Free Shipping

    $9.99 After $10.00 Price Break

    Open Box: $6.99
  • Darbee Darblet™ DVP 5000

    Video processor

    In Stock

    • video processor enhances picture detail, contrast and depth
    • supports all standard- and high-definition video resolutions up to 1080p, and also supports 3D video up to 1080p
    • installs between any HDMI-compatible video source and display

    Free Shipping

    $299.99 After $20.00 Price Break

    Scratch & Dent: $254.99
  • Sony VMC-MHC1

    HD output adapter cable for select Sony digital cameras

    In Stock

    • high-definition adapter cable for select Sony Cyber-shot digital cameras
    • gold-plated component video and stereo audio connectors

    Free Shipping

    $29.99 After $10.00 Price Break

    Open Box: $24.99
    Scratch & Dent: $19.99
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