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High-end home theater sound from speakers you hardly see

Superior sound from one of the world's leading speaker designers

The tiny speakers built into your flat-panel HDTV can't provide sound to equal its detailed, lifelike picture. Artison speakers give you the sound you've been missing, without detracting from your TV's sleek look. Cary Christie co-founded Infinity Systems in 1968 and has been designing speakers ever since. He launched Artison in 2003 to build top-notch home theater speakers that integrate seamlessly with flat-panel TVs.

Full surround sound from fewer speakers

Artison's Masterpiece, Portrait, and Sketch speakers deliver an engrossing front soundstage from two speaker cabinets instead of three, thanks to DualMono® center channel technology. And their Studio Series sound bars reproduce all three of your system's front channels with just a single hideaway speaker. Each speaker's extra side-firing tweeter disperses high frequencies for an expansive soundstage. For complete 5.1-channel sound, add voice-matched Artison surrounds and a powered subwoofer.

Unobtrusive speakers attach to your flat-panel TV

Mount a pair of Artison's sleek panel speakers flush with the left and right sides of your TV, or mount the Artison Studio sound bar along the bottom of your screen. You get custom grilles to perfectly match your TV's dimensions — use our tool to find yours.

Flat-panel TV speakers with custom grilles

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Artison surround speakers

About Artison

Artison was founded in 2003 by Cary Christie, one of the world's most respected speaker designers. With Artison speakers, he brings high-end, innovative sound technology to today's home theater setups. Sleek speaker panels with custom-built grilles mount adjacent to the latest flat-panel TV screens, for a clean, unobtrusive look. Shop Artison's full line of front soundstage speakers, surround speakers, and subwoofers to build a complete home theater system.

What Artison customers are saying:

"While I love the straight, clean lines of my Artison Portrait speakers, the sound quality coming from a system that houses the left, center, and right drivers in a single pair of speakers truly blows my mind! Genius design — without giving up music quality!"
Annette, Highland Park, IL

"I am a sports fan but I also love movies and music. I recently had Artison Masterpiece LCR speakers, LRS surrounds, and an RCC-600 subwoofer installed in my home, and the whole audio/video experience changed for me. Football games, movies, and music all became more exciting, fun, and involving. My Artison system is over the top and I love it."
Jed, San Francisco, CA

"Artison's DualMono® system has solved my center speaker problem without using an additional center speaker enclosure. I'm amazed that the remarkably "theater-like" stage presence is achieved with this technology. I would highly recommend this system to anyone who can truly appreciate the finest in audio expression."
Jon, Calabasas, CA

"My husband and I had Artison RCC-600 in-wall subwoofers installed in our living room and master bedroom. The clarity of the bass during my favorite movies was GREAT! It is very impressive that such great sound quality can be achieved with such a discreet subwoofer."
Holly, Chicago, IL