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We are located in Virginia USA.



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More about Adam

Tech addict that dabbles in everything.

Advisor since 2000|Located in Norton, VA
  • Smart Pet Advisor
Tech I'm excited about:

Cameras, Drones, anything that plugs in.

Favorite music:

Electronic, Industrial, Classical and Metal.

Favorite TV shows:

Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, Red Dwarf

Best thing about working at Crutchfield:

We get to test and check out all the latest and greatest tech while sharing the passion with others that work here.

Have you worked with Adam?

What customers say about Adam

Adam was very knowledgable in helping me find the right Amp for what I was trying to achieve. Having someone double check ideas and making the right suggestions is a huge help and why I refer everyone to Crutchfield! Thanks Adam!

Luigi D., April 12

Adam was great. Asked about compatibility between a couple subwoofers and an amp, and he reassured me that they would work very well with one another. I'm glad I could get my question answered so quickly.

Joshua B., March 27

Adam was able to get me over the hump with understanding all the nuances of buying a stereo for a boat. I was less than confidant before our chat and now don't have a second thought about spending over $3k for a stereo. Thanks Adam and Crutchfield.

Walt Y., February 5

Adam was able to guide me in the right direction with all the questions that I had for him. 10 out of 10!

Jacob S., January 11

Super big help I really appreciate you!

Hector V., December 28

Adam was super nice and quick to provide answers to questions I could not locate within the factory product manual/info. Great asset to your team but I am sure you already know that!!

Ryan M., December 23

Adam was very knowledgeable and helpful, he made the process smooth and pain free.

Denny I., November 30

Cool guy! He was very helpful in aiding me to decide what pair of headphones to buy. 5/5 Stars!

John R., November 25

Adam was great! Helped me figure out how to hook up a subwoofer to my receivers without Subwoofer outputs.

David O., October 24

I chatted online with Adam who helped me put together a speaker and stereo package for my 2005 MINI Cooper S that was long overdue for an audio upgrade. He made it so easy for me to understand my options and was very quick to reply. He included all the necessary hardware and even put the items together for me in a package so that it was super easy to check out in the chat window. I consider myself an amateur when it comes to working on car audio, but Adam gave me confidence that it will be relatively hassle-free to install my new system. If I need Adam in the future, he made it very clear that he is available to help. I must call him on the phone next time to hear his brilliant accent that I just heard watching his bio video!

John, May 11

Adam was extremely helpful. He assisted and guided me through a price match that I was trying to do. I got a great deal and product because of him. A+ service

Chad R., February 19

Adam was great! He told me what I needed to do to get better sound from my system and got me a great Center Channel speaker. Thanks Adam!

Joe Cates, January 2

Adam was awesome! Helped me decide on the best television for my needs. Took the extra time to answer all my questions and to process MULTIPLE gift cards towards my order. He is a great asset to Crutchfield and will be my go to guy for future purchases!!

David Bright, November 22

Totally helpful and a cool guy.

michelle, July 6

Adam was SUPER helpful- lots of good info, and quick to respond.

brian, June 10

Friendly and helpful. Explained the tech to me based on my specific car. Thanks Adam.

Manuel, June 2

The guy is awesome!!!

Brandon Reynolds, May 29

Adam was an amazing help getting my speaker/amp combo sorted out. Also directed me to some much needed supplies to help with installation.

Jason, May 29

Adam helped me select the proper equipment for my Truck, and was super Knowledgeable. Give him a raise!! Thanks again!

Fred Roberts, May 20

Adam was awesome. He was super-helpful and really prepared me to take on my project. People like him are what makes Crutchfield the legend it is.

Ryan, May 12

Adam made my experience easy and comfortable with no problems. Answered all my worries and concerns without any hassles which is nice ( I'm in my upper years) and it was very easy chatting with him.Thanks again Adam.

Dennis , April 28

Adam did a great job. I asked him a question and he answered in immediately. I have always had great service from Crutchfield. The only way to buy a stereo!

Mark, April 25

Probably the best online product "chat" support I've encountered. Very helpful and made great recommendations based on my vehicle and my specific questions. I'll definitely be back to make follow-on purchases based on the accessories Adam recommended during our conversation. Thanks again Adam!

John, March 24

Adam helped me narrow down in-wall speaker placement and narrow down the AV receiver model that meets my needs! Thanks again!

Ray, March 24


mike nevells, February 22

Adam exemplifies what it means to be an Advisor. He answered all of my questions and worked to find the car audio system that best worked for me. He is undoubtedly an asset to your team!

Brandon, January 28

Adam was very helpful in pointing me in the right direction in locating a part for a repair we are working on. He was prompt with his response! I feel Adam is a great asset to Crutchfield! Thank you Adam!

David, January 17

Adam was extremely helpful and easy to work with. He was very responsive and friendly. I also enjoyed his video.

George N, January 3

Adam was very helpful, got straight to the point, pointing me in the right direction. Thanks Crutchfield for great employees!

Jay, December 27

Adam was a huge help in making my decision on what radio and additions to purchase for my car. The expert advice gave me confidence to make the purchase today! He is a great asset to the chat feature and the Crutchfield family! Thanks Again Adam!

David, December 3

Adam was very helpful in giving me advice and tips how I can connect my Hi-Fi system to an HDTV and a Blu-Ray DVD player. I wasn't quite sure how to go about with all the connections but Adam took his time to answer all my questions. Most important of all, he explained to me in detail how I can connect the different components using certain cables and inputs/outputs. I feel I know and understand my system a lot better now and thanks to Adam. He is definitely very knowledgeable and has a very professional approach handling customers.

Manfred, November 8

Adam was very helpful with getting me the right system for my car and seemed very knowledgeable about the products....Thank you so much!

Michael, November 7

Adam was knowledgeable and helpful. Was very straight forward about what would work and what wouldn't. He definitely knows his stuff. Thank you.

Bob, September 25

Adam gave great advice on choosing bookshelf speakers for replacements of my older towers. When Crutchfield dropped the price on the Klipsch's by $50 - I jumped on the opportunity! Keep up the good work Adam!

Robert, September 18

What an overwhelmingly pleasant experience I had with not only Adam but Crutchfield in general! Adam was extremely helpful in processing an exchange I requested, and made the process only require a few clicks on my side! I also received a link to a video with Adam on it, and I just have to say that was really cool. I've placed hundreds of online orders with various shops before, and have never had an experience like this. A+ Guys!

Greg , September 6

Adam was fantastic to work with. He was quick, to the point, and was able to set me up with a great deal for my power conditioner. He didn't push any products on me and clearly had a focus on helping me get what I needed. I look forward to working with him in the future!

Tom, August 23

Adam was very helpful. He knew what he was talking about and we learned a lot. Thank you Adam!

Robert, August 20

Adam, very helpful solving my "stereo static" situation. Very patient and knowledgeable. Thanks Adam.

Jackie , August 16

Adam was quite helpful. He made my shopping experience so much easier. Thank-you!

Colette , July 24

Adam was quick, thorough, and very helpful. Great person to have on your team at Crutchfield.

jason, July 20

Adam not only helped me decide on speakers for my bike, but he educated me in speaker stereo match up as well. Very grateful. Thank You.

Greg, July 19

Adam was a wonderful help, with helping me exchange an item and find a more suitable replacement. He was fast, professional and friendly, and I really appreciated his assistance!!

John , July 6

Adam responded fast. Detailed answers. Didn't try to push a product, he only talked about what I asked about.

Wes, June 8

Adam was extremely helpful in getting the right audio equipment specifically for my truck. He recommended items that I had not thought of, and overall picked the perfect setup that will "turn heads". Thank you, Adam.

Alex, June 3

Adam is a great help to someone who doesn't know much about cars. His guidance was clear and helpful. Hopefully you're lucky enough to get him.

Logan, May 24

Adam is a great asset to Crutchfield. Very patient, and walked me through the whole process. He shared links, and gave me time to read about each item. He also advised me of additional components I would need, never once pressuring me into buying these items. Adam made the purchasing experience great. I was confident in his decisions, and he matched the perfect subwoofer, and amplifier combo. He's very knowledgeable, and definitely is up to date on technology. Outstanding customer service. Thanks again Adam.

Harold, May 21

Adam was very patient and answered all of my questions. Very helpful! Great customer service.

MaryJo , April 19

Adam is patient, knowledgeable and confident. what more could you ask for?

Daniel, April 5

Super nice, and guided me through all the options I had as well as clarified everything I didn't know.

Samuel , March 28

Adam was a wiz when it came to my speaker questions. Fast response right on the mark, great advice as always I'm glad he works for Crutchfield, getting the information was very pleasant.

Mike, March 11

Adam was great! He was able to answer all my questions even though the way I was phrasing them was confusing! Certainly knowledgeable and helpful.

Elaine , February 24

Adam was a huge help. Very knowledgeable. Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions on integrated amps

David, February 12

Adam was very efficient. I provided him my landscape...he did the rest. He asked questions I had not thought of.

Ben, January 20

Adam was very helpful when discussing what I needed to hide my cable box in a cabinet. As soon as he finished helping me, I ordered what he suggested! Thank you Adam for your help!

Andrew, January 20

Adam was very helpful and knowledgeable. I was just trying to learn about new features on receivers and he answered all of my questions quickly and thoroughly! I'm excited to buy the unit now. Good deal at Crutchfield! Thanks!!!

George, January 1

Adam was an exceptional help to me . I had lost the audible portion of the turn signals after installing an aftermarket radio in my granddaughter's 2007 HHR. Adam identified the issue immediately and recommended the correct module that would solve my problem. Thank you Adam and Crutchfield.

Anthony, December 30

Adam was very helpful today. I wasn't sure if a receiver had any influence on sound when my speakers are being powered by a large power amp. Adam let me know that a receiver does make a big difference in sound quality. That was great info as I have a very high end Onkyo that was recently repaired. I've never used it for music which is my plan for my upstairs. So now I know I have the perfect receiver to go with my power amp. But also, Adam explained that I could purchase a product called Sonos that would allow me to stream my music through my 2009 model Onkyo. So first, Adam provided me with important knowledge regarding a receivers impact to sound quality even when the receiver isn't the speakers power source. But Adam also let me know about a product I wasn't aware of. A product that will solve my streaming needs while allowing me to still use my high end Onkyo receiver. Now I know why Crutchfield always has such high marks in Customer Service.

Bryan , December 11

Helped me pick out the best radio for me! Great customer service!

Colton, November 25

Great support and advice. Helped me with some pre-install questions and gave me great product advice. I love Crutchfield!

Bob, November 17

Adam assisted me in just general understanding of amplifiers and car stereos, I feel I got the most information I needed out of him than other videos online. Excellent service from an Excellent employee.

Ryan, November 3

Great chat with Adam. I will definitely take his advice when I place my order. I have purchased from Crutchfield before, and this experience did not disappoint!

Mark, October 31

Adam was great in explaining the difference in component quality between a dedicated radio and a typical modern stereo system. He said that he also is in a marginal radio reception area and could recommend the model I was considering and he gave me a link to a good indoor external antenna to buy if the factory-supplied one wasn't strong enough. It was a very helpful chat. The radio works GREAT!

Julie Tarara, October 23

Great support! Answered questions before I even knew I needed to ask.

Ryan, October 7

I had a number of questions even though I had a particular set of speakers in mind. After sharing all my concerns, including budgetary, Adam steered me to a set of speakers which was actually a little less expensive but would better meet my needs. Adam also recommended a few other items to include with my speaker order which I would not have chosen myself and would have resulted in a less successful upgrade experience. Thanks Adam for your expert advise and for once again proving what an excellent job Crutchfield and its employees do in delivering excellent products and service!

Rick from Charlotte, NC, September 5

Very helpful. Guided me to add a 3 year warranty to my cart. Not pushy and friendly. This was live chat only.

Charles Torres, March 24

Adam was very helpful with selecting the correct HDMI cables based on my intended use. I will recommend Adam to all my friends.

Ed, February 10

Adam assisted me via chat to select the proper car stereo based on my needs. Now I am back and purchased my item. I can't wait to get it. Thank you Adam!

Abedelkareem Sharawi, November 29

extremely helpful, knowledgeable

Joe, August 17

Adam assisted me via chat to select the proper car stereo based on my needs. He quickly answered my questions accurately and was very helpful.

Dave, June 25

Thanks Adam! You really help me pick the right NAV for my 2011 Subaru STi!

Sione, October 2

Adam took my call today about my defective Pioneer and quickly diagnosed the issue and offered to send out a replacement radio same day. Very quick service and great attitude. Thanks Adam!

Reid, September 25

Adam was really helpful when I made an inquiry. Good information and very patient with my questions. Great job!

Ken, February 28

One of the best assets Crutchfield has. I'm a happy customer thanks to Adam. /// Uno de los mejores activos de Crutchfield. Soy un cliente satisfecho gracias a Adam.

Carlos, February 21

Adam helped me a lot with my 1998 Cavalier. Suggested some great kicker speakers. They sound great and were a great deal with all the free installation gear. Thanks!

Bryant A., May 17

Adam was very helpful!! I really didn't know that much about what system I wanted to put into my car, but Adam helped me so much. He asked me questions I didn't even think of, or knew that mattered. He spent a lot of time with me checking and figuring stuff. I had a somewhat tight budget for a whole system, but he helped find the best for the budget I had.

Ian Taylor, September 11

I talked to Adam about a new GPS. He was very helpful. I was interested in the TomTom being I had an older one and wanted to upgrade. He answered all my questions on the new one.

Bob, September 7

Adam was great! Spoke with him today about an Alpine head unit. He answered all my questions. Gave me some great recommendations for speakers. Looking forward to working with him again! Thanks

Logan, March 2

Adam spent a lot of time with me today going over what I could do to get Sirius hooked up in my truck, going over the various options I had since I had a lifetime subscription with them but had an XM radio in the GMC. With his help, I came to the perfect solution, and have placed my first Crutchfield order. I've never experienced such great customer support from an on-line order, and I will gladly recommend your company to all my friends!

sharry, January 10

I chatted with Adam to try and figure out the best car stereo to add to my Kia Rondo. I know little to nothing about this kind of stuff and figured that I wouldn't get much information when my husband suggested talking to a Crutchfield advisor. Boy, was I wrong. Adam asked me great questions that lead him down the path to an awesome stereo. He also made sure to follow up with me after the initial recommendation. We bought what he suggested and absolutely love it! And I have to say - I was so very impressed to receive a handwritten note in the mail from him. Awesome customer service - I am now a customer for life!! Thanks again, Adam!

Margaret, December 6

Adam was very professional, quick, and helpful. He was able to find the installation tools I needed very quickly, and help me out with some of the finer details. Thanks Crutchfield for employing great folks like Adam!

Richard, March 10