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Crutchfield call centers are located in Virginia USA.



Movie Trivia nerd with a passion for home theater, great tunes, and cutting edge technology!

Tech I'm excited about:

Smart phone integration in car and home audio

Favorite music:

Johnny Cash, George Strait, Reba, and The Beatles

Favorite streaming service:

I use Netflix and Spotify daily

Favorite teams:

Washington Redskins HTTR & UVA - Go Hoos

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What customers say about CJ

CJ was instrumental in filtering my selections for replacement speakers for a GM Bose system. We all know how complicated that can be. CJ made it seam too easy.

Jef , February 16

CJ was great to work with, very helpful. Thanks CJ

Daniel Skidmore, October 25

CJ was very helpful in determining my purchase. He was very honest and pleasant to chat with. Good job CJ!

HAROLD MOSOFF, September 13

It was refreshing to speak to someone who understands audio from a technical perspective. What are usually strange questions for the uninitiated that populate the big box stores, seemed like the conversations I used to have when I was in the industry 30 years ago. Thanks for knowing your product, and being patient with someone who really loves to gab about them.

Jon, July 21

CJ was over the top helpful. He is the reason I am buying from Crutchfield today! I gave him a challenge to find a receiver that had a specific function in its app. He researched it and it was all done in about 20 minutes. It saved me hours. Thanks CJ!

Mike W, July 5

CJ was great!! He assisted me with some speaker options for my car, very helpful guy. I ended up buying Kicker speakers. Thanks again CJ!

Jeremy, June 29

Answered my question very quickly, was courteous and friendly. He helped me understand more about the product I was asking about. Great customer service!

Victor, June 19

CJ was a big help this morning when pointing me in the right direction for products for my pickup. Ultimately I ended up doing a bit more research and found a different amp for what I was trying to accomplish. but he was very helpful and friendly. thanks CJ

Don, May 17

Great guy, I just chatted with him and I can tell he's a pro at what he does. Will be buying more from him!

Linked up Cabling Solutions, May 12

What a nice guy. Wish there were more people like CJ in the customer service world.

Nick, May 11

CJ was very helpful in ordering my new receiver. Was able to get me a spare set of wiring sheets no problem. Now if we only get him to convert and be a Pats fan instead of the skins ;).

Bill, April 12

CJ was awesome! really helped me make my home theater receiver decision much easier. Fantastic!

Andrew, March 4

CJ was great and really assisted me with finding the right system for my automobile. His patience and professionalism when it comes to product selection and my many questions is unmatched. So a big thumbs up to CJ and the Cructhfield family!!

Antonio, March 3

Have been out of the radio scene for a long time. CJ gave me a decent setup based around MY goals. He gave me some suggestions on saving money and didn't try to up sell me on anything. Thanks!

Matt Bettinger, February 20

Very helpful, courteous and knowledgeable. Not pushy...just tried to make sure I had the info I needed to make a purchase decision. A real "value added" to the customer experience!!!

Jim, February 2

CJ helped me in chat today. He was wonderful! He not only helped my son and I find the exact products we needed, he put them all into my car so I didn't have to find them. CJ made the purchasing process so easy and smooth for someone who knows nothing about purchasing car audio equipment. Thank you so much for hiring him!

Mary, December 30

Trying to find new speakers for my husband's 10 year old Silverado. CJ was fantastic. He helped me with what speakers and other products would work in the vehicle and answered all my questions thoroughly. I will be sure to order through CJ and Crutchfield again as I know my husband loves his Silverado - probably more than me!

JFessler, December 21

I've been a Crutchfield customer for over 20 years. The reason I am a loyal customer is the assistance and support, again proven today by the help CJ provided me. CJ answered every technical question I asked without hesitation. He explained everything in detail from specifications to installation of my new car stereo system, including matching each component of the system in accord to power, resistance, etc. He also explained the wiring harness for this specific application, which greatly helped the installation process. CJ also explained "what fits" in great detail and, again, was prompt and also was very patient and understanding. I could go on, CJ absolutely was one of the best, if not the best, technicians I've spoken to. It was a pleasure talking to him and my new stereo system is utterly AWESOME! Again Crutchfield and CJ have outshined the competition. Thank you CJ, sincerely. And thank you Crutchfield.

Warren, November 5

CJ got to the crux of my issue and quickly put together a kit of parts that I needed. He was professional and very efficient. Thanks, CJ!

James, August 4

He was very helpful and timely in his answers and explanations. Thanks for all the help CJ!

Trevor, July 15

I had a few questions about some of the stereo receivers and CJ via chat line directed me to the HK3770 (which I like a lot). Even talked about speakers that would sound great with this unit. I am the type that would like to hear and see it before I buy, but went on his word and I'm not disappointed. THANKS CJ !!!!

Wayne, July 10

I had a special request on a project for my Corvette. CJ was a huge help with getting me speakers that fit in my tight space restrictions. Thanks again CJ.

greg, June 22

I went to Crutchfield for assistance with remote start for my 2014 Nissan Versa. CJ was terrific and had a full cart setup for me with everything I needed in minutes! I'll definitely recommend him to others in the future. Awesome job! Thanks CJ!

Shane, June 10

CJ is awesome. he helped me put a new radio in my car as well as subs. He helped me through everything. Highly satisfied with my experience with him. he even set a cart up for me and he put EVERYTHING I needed in it so all I had to do was buy it. Once again, CJ is awesome.

Ryan, June 6

Having just been given an older car in great shape but with few miles, I needed a bit of help figuring out a decent stereo and gear to get it up to date to use my phone. CJ was a great help and showed me a few different options. I just ordered the stereo and install gear and I am looking forward to installing it.

Ryan, May 5

C.J. was so much help! I know hardly anything about speakers and radios and he put a cart together for me that was perfect, while saving me money! Thank you so much!

Emily, May 2

Told CJ wanted to upgrade my stereo speakers in my truck, and keep my factory stereo for now, picked kicker speakers, been looking at them just didn't know which brand to use, so he picked all new speakers for me, Kicker brand and I bought them, thanks CJ!

Darrell, April 28

CJ was quick to answer all my questions and very helpful. Thanks CJ

Robert, April 22

CJ was very helpful and even put everything I was looking for in a cart and helped me save some money!

Bryan , March 28

CJ was a great help in helping choose an replacement amp for my truck. Thanks again CJ!!!

Alfred, March 12

Impressively well-informed - thanks for making the choice easy - It is going to be Definitive Technology. Thanks, man.

Patrick, March 4

CJ quickly directed me to the product that I needed.

alan , February 27

Shout out to CJ for helping a novice like me understand some of these features. Outstanding!!!!

Rod, February 10

CJ helped me to explain why a dedicated camcorder would take better video than a standard camera with video. (Even though the camcorder in question was no longer sold by Crutchfield)

Larry, December 18

CJ was very knowledgeable, honest, and very helpful.

woodi, December 18

Great working with CJ, got right to what I wanted and quickly put the package I needed together.

Mark, December 12

JBL's slogan is, ";Hear the Truth", and CJ made sure that I heard it all. He was very thorough, using a fantastic analogy to account for my knowledge gap. He truly is an audiophile, and it was a pleasure speaking with him and being taking care of-excellent customer service.

Jael Castillo, November 30

CJ was very helpful and patient with questions I have regarding a recently released product (Yamaha Sound Base). No customer or publications reviews were yet available. While I'm waiting for meaningful reviews on this product, I will contact Crutchfield when it is time to purchase my equipment.

T J, November 26

CJ answered all my questions quickly. He recommended what was best for me, not what was best for Cruthfield. He was knowledgeable and pragmatic.

Michael, November 4

He was quick with answers and gave a great recommendation. Thanks for all your help!

Shanice, September 4

CJ was very helpful, he helped me put together a nice package since I wanted to change my speakers and radio unit. He was polite and answered all my questions. I definitely will continue to shop at Crutchfield! Thanks CJ!

Kasper, July 31

CJ was very patient with me and answered all my questions and because he treated me with respect not only did I buy what he suggested but I will shop here .!!!

Chris price , July 10

I gave CJ the wrong information about my stock stereo system, ordered the aftermarket stereo that wouldn't have fit and he switched the installation gear in a matter of minutes so it would fit. Great customer assistance. Anytime I'm on this site I will only connect with CJ from here out. Top notch work.

Brendan, June 18

One never knows how chats will go. CJ has created a high bar for others to aspire. He was knowledgeable, helpful, and provided the assistance that I was looking for. What a relief, to actually chat with someone that was so helpful. As a result of CJ's assistance, I am now a Crutchfield customer! Thanks CJ.

Rick, April 26

CJ you're the best!

Patrick, April 23

Thanks so much for your help in choosing my speakers! the included instruction sheet made it a breeze to install them, even for this 50 year old lady. (yes, i did it myself) Yay CJ! Yay Crutchfield! I will certainly recommend you to all my friends and let them know how easy the whole process was from start to finish. Super fast Shipping too!

Barbara, January 19

THANK YOU CJ. Im very happy with the order you put together for me. I got EXACTLY what I wanted and didn't have to go over budget. Believe me, I'm gonna tell my friends about you and Crutchfield. AWESOME!!

megan, September 20

Hello, I just wanted to say a big thank you to CJ, my Crutchfield chat support representative today. I was a bit of an ignorant customer, but he was certainly more than patient enough, and exceeded my expectations, I cant wait to order my new sound system. Thank you.

Graham, September 17

CJ is the Man!!!!!!!!!!!...I would recommend his honest advice when making a purchase. He helped me purchase exactly what I wanted.

Nolverto , March 21

I was a first time Crutchfield customer and CJ turned me into a lifetime Crutchfield customer - I was assigned to CJ for online chat. I had some shipping questions and he was very easy to work with, plus my items got to me days EARLIER than CJ had promised. Simply the best!

Alex, January 2

I requested information on car speakers and radio. They assigned CJ as my advisor. He answered all my questions some of them before I had a chance to ask them. I took his recommendations and ordered the speakers he suggested. I am very pleased with the sound I get out of these speakers. I know if I ever need assistance again I would go to CJ. Thank You CJ for all your help.

Graison Morgan, May 24

CJ is one of my favorite people to talk to. He doesn't seem like a robot and he KNOWS what he is talking about. I always ask for him because wheather it's my car audio or a home audio system, I try to ALWAYS ask for him. He is a very nice and knowlegeable guy. He keeps me coming back to Crutchfield for more stuff. To me, if you can explain a very complex thing and make it simple it akes you smart, and trust me he can do this GREATLY! I'd recommend Cruthfield above any other place because of people like him.

C. Sandlin, May 4

CJ is a very knowledgeable and reasonable person! I wrote to get a recommendation, but then became impatient and bought a radio that I thought was the best fit - even though there were more expensive ones. The funny part is that he recommended the EXACT same one that I already bought! He didn't try to sell me an expensive radio that I didn't need. He recommended a radio that fit my budget with room to spare and that had just the options I wanted, the Kenwood KDC-252U - an excellent radio that is current with the times and full of features without the crap.

ZCO, July 16

CJ's a great advisor to work with. I had to make special shipping modifications and he assisted without any hesitation. I'm a repeat customer with Crutchfield and CJ's just one of the many reasons why Crutchfield customer service is top notch.

Tom K., March 28