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We are located in Virginia USA.



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More about Daisy

Classic movie fan. Just give me Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn, and a good sound system.

Advisor since 2007|Located in Norton, VA
Tech I'm excited about:

UHD and SUHD 4K televisions.

Favorite streaming service:

Netflix, Amazon Video on Demand

Favorite books:

Anything by Jane Austen, Harry Potter series, Wives and Daughters

Favorite teams:

Tennessee Vols!!!

  • JL Audio Certified

Have you worked with Daisy?

What customers say about Daisy

Daisy is a charm to work with. Given my background in audio, film, and engineering, my technical approach is always analytical. Her exceptional knowledge of the product line reinforces her incisive response and recommendations. As I've experienced in past consultations with other tech reps, she clarifies some issues that cannot necessarily be referenced in a tech manual, et al. For example: clarifying why the Sound Ordnance B-8PTD Compact Sub-woofer had (1200+) feedback ratings over an equally rated compact sub-woofer with (9) feedback ratings. Nonetheless, when the need for tech support arises again, I hope Daisy is the one who answers the phone.

Don, June 13

Daisy was a great help in deciding what get for the front 3 speakers in my surround sound set up. I am very happy, I went with her recommendation.

Sean J., April 6

Daisy was exceptionally knowledgeable and friendly. I had a rather technical question about digital-analog converters (DAC) and she quickly identified my requirements and offered excellent product recommendations. To be honest, I was going to order through Amazon, but based on my experience with Daisy, I am ordering the speakers through Crutchfield.

Jack R., January 29

Awesome and very knowledgeable in her work, give promotion ASAP.

Steven S., January 25

Daisy was a great help on the phone. I had a idea of what I needed and she reassured me I was correct.

Ronald B., December 5

Daisy walked an old dinosaur through the innovations in todays audio world and I couldn't be more grateful for her patience and understanding of my deficits of knowledge in the area.

Mitchell M., December 1

After speaking with Daisy and discussing my plans with her about my '01 Ford Focus, right then and there did I decide that I was going to give my business to Crutchfield. I had questions about the differences between speaker sizes and how they sound, which speakers she would recommend that would directly fit the car, which speakers in general she would recommend for the scenario I'd given her, and so much more. She gave me her take on my plans, what she would recommend, and gave reasoning behind it. Advisors like her give people a reason to order from your company, and it would be a shame if she were to go elsewhere. Please, do us a favor, and keep her around for as long as you can! She is a major asset to your company! With her friendliness and knowledge, Crutchfield has earned yet another loyal customer.

Ryan, April 25

Talking with Daisy was likely the most pleasant customer service experiences I've ever had! She was extremely knowledgeable, friendly (genuine), and she actually listened to what I had to say, and responded appropriately! I am so impressed and pleased to have been able to have all of my questions answered clearly, and she spoke perfectly clear English! Thank you Daisy, you are an asset to your company! GIVE HER A RAISE!

Brandon Lee, March 22

Very helpful and personable. Seemed genuinely interested in helping me. Refreshing!

Bill, March 21

Daisy was an amazing help and an absolute pleasure to deal with. As an HR professional for 25+ years I am always looking for great talent. She is exactly that. I have been a loyal customer of Crutchfield for years...great products...great prices...wonderful customer service. I would only suggest to Crutchfield to hire 12 more of colleagues like Daisy.

Shaun, January 25

Daisy was a tremendous help! I had a very specific question and she was able to not only answer them, but give me ideas on an alternative solution once I realized what I wanted to do could not be done. Thank you Daisy for the information, the advice, and the absolutely spectacular experience. I haven't had such great customer service in years! You are certainly an asset to your company!

Jocelyn, December 14

Best service I have had in a while. Daisy was polite and very helpful! Two big thumbs up!

thomas, November 23

One of the nicest customer service persons I've ever dealt with on the phone. Knowledgeable and extremely helpful! Ask for Daisy!

Dale, November 14

Daisy was so helpful in choosing which Pioneer speakers to get for my '83 Caprice and put my mind at ease about the speakers for the dash. She was the best and is the reason I enjoy buying from Crutchfield.

Cory , September 1

Daisy's assistance proved priceless in helping me to sort out what I ACTUALLY needed for my home sound system project. I'm about as far from an audiophile as you can get and had many questions, which she politely addressed and even made several SPOT-ON recommendations. Because of Daisy's excellent help , I made more progress this evening on putting this project together than I have in a half dozen trips to the big-box stores.. Thank you so VERY much for your fantastic customer service, Daisy!

Tom, August 14

Daisy is very knowledgeable in helping me the consumer get what I need. If I was her boss I would promote her straight to the top. Thanks Daisy, You have not only made my life easy you have made your family proud to have a daughter as great as you.

Mark, July 23

Daisy was very knowledgeable and helped guide me through my selection of amplifiers and speakers to create an awesome 4-channel plus sub system for my boat. Thank you Daisy!!!

Mark, July 14

I encountered some online ordering problems with pricing, took 5 seconds to explain the issue and Daisy was working on solution to resolve. She reviewed my choices and confirmed everything would install as expected and provided me information so I could prep the install while items in transit. Daisy was a professional who anticipated my questions/concerns!

Kurt, July 7

Daisy saved me time and money by making sure I got what I really needed. Very patient with my "are you sure" type questions.

Alex O'Donnell, May 30

Daisy was a great help and very polite person...

Lee, May 13

Just gotta say it's wicked cool to get schooled by a girl that knows more about car stereos than I could ever imagine. Great part of the team. Thanks for the help.

Jon Stockton, May 2

She was very helpful in providing her opinion on the voltage adaptor. Thank you for your assistance..

Mike, April 20

Daisy helped with speaker selection for a newly purchased Pioneer radio system. Very knowledgeable and pleasant. Well done.

Scott, April 19

Daisy helped me today with picking a stereo system for an Altima that I'm giving my daughter. She was very friendly and couldn't have been more helpful. She was a true pleasure to deal with and seemed very knowledgeable. Thank you very much for a great experience.

Jack P, March 31

Nice and informative chat. Needed advice about speakers due to lack of a local store with listening room. The chat helped me to make up my mind. Thumbs up!

A.O., March 22

Daisy was very helpful ... will definitely shop with Crutchfield for all our electronic needs.. The knowledge and fast response of you help confirms why Crutchfield has been around so long...Thanks....

Will , March 17

WOW!The only real word that fits.

James , March 16

Daisy was a breath of fresh air, just like her name reminds me of springtime ;) Anyway, she was very helpful in pointing me in the right direction for the setup I need! Thanks Daisy!

Daniel Meyer, February 15

A wonderful experience with a totally pleasant and really helpful Advisor. Thanks Daisy!

Adam, January 26

Daisy is very professional. She knows her products and installation information! I had an excellent shopping experience.

Steven , January 16

Daisy was great in recognizing the mistakes with my subwoofer/amp build and teaching me new things.

Braden, January 11

Daisy was very helpful with giving me all the information I needed. She helped me with information on speakers, subwoofers, amps, and locations that would be perfect for them. she was a blast and had to deal with my questions for over an hour. she did very well and she knew what she was talking about.

jake , January 6

Daisy was very helpful and with me on my TV purchase. At the beginning I was not sure what brand of TV I wanted and what features were important based on my budget. Daisy helped guide me through the decision process. I would recommend Daisy to anyone looking for advice on a TV purchase. Again, Crutchfield provided the excellent service that I have been accustomed to over the years. Will continue to do business with Crutchfield and Daisy.

Scott R., December 11

I just wanted to tell you about the superb purchasing experience that I encountered with one of your sales representatives. Her name is Daisy and she was extremely friendly, informative, professional, and helpful beyond all my expectations. Daisy showed a sincere interest in my particular needs and a little unusual situation, and then followed up with a suitable solution. My hat is off to Daisy's wonderful assistance and to the entire Crutchfield organization.

Dale H, December 9

Daisy is knowledgeable and precise with her advice. I like that she asked simple and specific questions and answers with good honest recommendations, no up-sell or ambiguous responses. I shopped Crutchfield all the way back before the internet and the support has always been great. Daisy just makes it even better. Thanks!

Anh, December 7

Daisy helped me through a difficult integrated amplifier decision and helped me get clear about my needs. She was very knowledgeable about the products I was considering and her help kept me from ordering a less expensive product that would have been unsatisfactory in the long run. Great customer service keeps me coming back.

Don, December 1

Daisy was extremely knowledgeable and her expert advice allowed me to make the right decisions for the purchasing my next home theater receiver. I would recommend the Crutchfield Advisor Support service to anyone trying to make final decisions with their equipment purchase.

Pat, November 30

Daisy was great. I've been procrastinating about buying speakers for my home theater system for months and had talked with 2 or 3 other Crutchfield advisors before. Daisy asked clear, direct questions about what kind of sound/tone I liked and what I wanted the system for. She was very knowledgeable about differences between brands and models within brands and helped me a lot in selecting a compatible and cost-effective system.

Chip, November 28

Daisy was very knowledgeable and helpful. I was looking for a receiver as a gift/upgrade for a vehicle. I told her what i was looking for and she recommended a product that best fit my needs and had great reviews. Thank-you Daisy

Dale, November 22

Daisy is very knowledgeable and very helpful and answered all my questions I needed for a possible install of new equipment to purchase though Crutchfield.Com, Thanks, Daisy

Huey S, November 17

I've been out of the audio game a while and definitely answered my questions quickly saving me time from reading up on it all day awesome service!

Sean , November 17

Daisy was able to provide detailed answers to VERY specific questions that I thought would need to be referred to the GM and the manufacturer of a certain product. 10/10- the advisers at crutchfield are why I keep coming back and she did not disappoint!

Adam, November 9

Daisy was straight to the point of what I needed to purchase when I asked about a sub and what parts I needed. Great service.

Matt, November 3

Unbelievable, I was on the phone with Daisy for nearly an Hour. She knew why I called (for some questions and answers) and stayed with me until satisfied. I have purchased a few Items from Crutchfield and have no complaints at all. However, a 50" 4K Ultra HD TV is going to be interesting when it happens. Shipping it to California is quite a TRIP to say the least. All said and done, I will most Likely request Daisy in the Future. Thank you Daisy, you were and are definitely obsessed with Customer Service, (Which I spent 35 Years of my life doing)! You're GOOD at what you do! Keep it up... Thank You!

Ken, October 29

Daisy answered all my questions accurately regarding my TV order and delivery. She even followed up with me (without my asking her to) after order was placed to make sure everything was correct. Shipping was fast and the TV arrived earlier expected. Thank you, Daisy.

Keith, August 12

I find audio selection difficult. I have searched Crutchfield several times and received recommendations from several support personnel. Daisy asked questions and selected a product that meets my old school preferences well. She took time to make sure my questions were answered. I look forward to my new Alpine unit arriving this Wednesday. Thanks!

Billy, March 1

Daisy has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to home theatre system, I called many times before I ended up talking to her, it was my luck that day, she explained to me what I needed to know in such a passion that she helped me making my decision without a single doubt or pressure, she even advised me to continue to think about my options, what a great customer service she has... If you get to read this, I want to say THANK YOU Daisy.

Nicken, January 3

I called with a question which required detailed knowledge of a 21 year old car with a non-standard audio system and Daisy answered my question before I had finished asking it. It was immediately clear she knew exactly what she was doing. People like this are the main reason I keep coming back to shop here and refer everyone I know to Crutchfield. Thanks Daisy!

John, November 28

Daisy knows her job very well. Asked her a few questions about a soon Home Theater purchase & she answered the questions quickly. Crutchfield is lucky to have her. Thanks for your help Daisy, you are great!

Alex, April 22

spoke with Daisy regarding whether or not a specific speaker would fit in my car or not, correct terminology made my day a whole lot better as opposed to speaking with one of the other reps, if you get support from her, trust that she knows what she is talking about.

Tony, March 18

I called in to help navigate the process of getting the best car stereo and speakers for my son while also sticking within a budget. Working with Daisy was a pleasure as she asked all the right questions, explained the options through out and when I asked her opinion she provided it. Since the order I had a couple issues that were not at all related to her service yet Daisy was right there to provide outstanding service and demonstrated why she is a valuable asset to Crutchfield. I will recommend you to all my family and friends.

PaulO, January 9

Just gotta say that Daisy was about as good a tech support/customer service rep. as I've ever talked to. She was knowledgeable (even at 0800 AM), pleasant, and most importantly patiently answered my questions with confidence and professionalism! If the install goes as well as my initial contact, I can't lose. Good job, Good job!

Walter Rose, January 16

Wow! First shopping experience with Crutchfield and I was blown away. I went onto the site to do some research on car audio speakers, logged into Chat and was connected to Daisy. I cannot say enough about the experience! She was great and in no time had me set up with exactly what I was looking for. She even filled a cart for me and had me all ready for checkout. No need to "shop around" for me --- not with this kind of service and attention to detail. I ended up buying not only the new speakers, but a new car stereo as well! Thanks Daisy, I really appreciate your help!

Mike, November 27

Thank you so much for the help earlier today, I found exactly what I wanted, and for a very reasonable price, Daisy you are just unbelievably awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!TIMES A MILLION!

Joey Vitrano, August 2

Daisy rocks! She never made me feel rushed and took the time to answer every question and made sure that I understood everything I wanted and needed to know about my vehicle and purchase. She's got my business!

Robert, February 6

Daisy is on point with her knowledge of equipment. I received the order when she said it was going to arrive with all the background info that i needed for my truck. If only it were this easy to talk to the phone companies. Very satisfied.

J. Abreu, October 12