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We are located in Virginia USA.



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Thanks for your business and comments. Let me know whenever I can help and happy listening!

Advisor since 1998|Located in Norton, VA
Tech I'm excited about:


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Can anyone actually choose a favorite?

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SiriusXM and Amazon Music

Best thing about working at Crutchfield:

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Have you worked with Jenny?

What customers say about Jenny

Jenny did an excellent job in answering several technical questions. Very knowledgeable.

Thomas N., April 23

Jenny helped me order everything needed to move a discontinued Nav unit I had sitting around from another vehicle into another vehicle I'm selling. She just handled everything needed, built a shopping cart and done. Exceptional service. Thank you!

Roland K., March 30

If I'm ever on the fence about anything in life ever again I will just ask myself , "What would Jenny do?". I was on the fence on a couple of issues/concerns and I just needed a nudge and .... BAM!! She's like a Jedi.... "This is not the amp you are looking for" (wave of hand). Jenny also educated me on a few things I knew very little about. Jenny, Ray and Andy (at least a couple more names I'm forgetting) are the reasons I keep coming back to Crutchfield. THANK YOU!!

William J., March 25

I had the pleasure of working with her today on a deck selection. She was able to identify the components that I needed to go from one after market deck to another. It saved me a lot of money by not rebuying stuff I already had installed. This is why I always use Crutchfield for my purchases. Her/their customer service is top notch.

Jose H., March 19

Jenny was so awesome to work with and she helped us figure out what we needed promptly!

Angela G., February 18

Jenny is great! Good job!

Oscar B., February 5

Jenny was great! Really helped me complete my order. I am replacing my entire audio system in a 2011 Chevy Silverado. She helped with advice on install gear and system components. When you are spending lots of money it's nice to know that you have such great support.

Keith R., January 6

Jenny was great. Very helpful. Listened well, reasoned advice, and very professional. All that, and it was kind of like working with a good neighbor!

Jack R., December 4

Jenny was super helpful and knowledgeable! Her expertise helped to answer many questions, especially from someone new to the audiophile game. Thank you Jenny!!! And, thank you, Crutchfield!

Matt S, December 2

Jenny was very knowledgeable with regards to TV's and what is comparable (or better) to what I have now that I am looking to replace. Mentioned what was better and how it differs from my current unit. Vey professional and friendly making it easy to feel comfortable asking questions. I expect nothing but the best when I deal with Crutchfield and Jenny just confirms that.

Lou D., November 19

Jenny was awesome today! She has helped me put together a game plan for a car system that will be a pleasure to listen to in a daily driver. She has also put me on the path to showing my son that I will have a better system than his. LOL!!! Thanks so much Jenny!

Kerry R., November 3

Jenny is very pleasant and professional! Trust her to give you sound advice.

Nick, June 9

Quick, precise, and very friendly. I've never been steered wrong on technical assistance or product advice, so I'm never disappointed with Crutchfield's customer service.

Mark, June 6

Jenny rocks! A huge asset to the company. I'm not tech savvy and she understood my problem and answered all my questions and I'm confident I purchased the right product for me. She had a great personality. I can't say enough about her and your company. I will continue to use Crutchfield and will spread the word. Keep up the good work!

Claudia , April 21

It was a quite pleasant experience connecting w/Jenny for information and direction for the resolution of the issues I have. Exceedingly comforting and professional.

John, April 20

Jenny took all the guesswork out my speaker change project. It's great to know you can speak with someone with your questions, thanks Jenny.

Michael, April 5

Jenny was very helpful in answering all my questions about the iSmart Alarm and assisting me in placing my order. I am extremely happy with the assistance I received and with the items I purchased. Thank you Jenny!!

Jonathan, March 22

I was told by our local Truck Accessory shop that adding an amp to the factory unit would be very unwise. I spent $1,200 with them to take my 2016 Tundra from sounding trapped inside a tin-can to sounding like being stuck in a tin-can with a bass sledgehammer whacking us around. Jenny and Crutchfield said, "Nonsense!" and helped me select and install the components needed to transition the truck into a sound recording studio or something that has great sound, for 1/4 of the cost quoted to me by the local dealer. Again, Crutchfield crushed it and Jenny was awesome!

Erik , March 20

Jenny was a HUGE help in identifying a part we needed to switch a TV wall mount from an old TV to a new one- even though I didn't have the order # she was able to ID what we needed and provided the info to save us from having to buy a whole new one!! She was very helpful!!

Regina , March 19

Jenny has assisted me on several occasions. I bought a new Samsung 65KS9000 and then from that decided to redo my entire system. Needless to say the project went "off the rails". She helped me understand that I had already purchased was going to work well and made very helpful suggestions. She gave me advice that was worth its weight in gold. She is one of the reasons I keep coming back to Crutchfield for my Home A/V needs.

Chris Cloonan, March 5

I always trust Crutchfield for my car audio. Jenny was very nice and helped me find what I needed within my price range. Thanks!

Brad , February 18

Jenny was very helpful and couldn't have been any nicer! She tried to help me with a technical issue that I was having and provided some great information. She is a shining example of all of the people I have come in contact with through dealing with Crutchfield.

Alex, February 9

Jenny was great. I had some questions about some of the car receivers and she helped me out by showing me the one that best fit my needs. She also placed it in the "cart" for me with the wiring harness that fits my vehicle, which I can't believe they had (1987 Tempo), All I had to do was go to my cart and order it. I did not have to look everything up and put it in the cart myself. This is one of the best experiences I have had with any customer service.

Myke, February 4

Jenny helped me with tech talk. I was not ready to buy, but was only in "collect information mode'. Jenny put together an entire system for me. Very helpful and professional.

Early, January 20

Jenny was super helpful. I initially ordered too little cable for my install and she helped me swap out for the proper amount before the order was shipped. Thanks, Jenny!

Matt, January 7

Jenny was both very knowledgeable, and patient with my questions. Crutchfield, is a business I would recommend to anyone.

Carl Storr III, December 17

Jenny was just great to work with, she took care of everything. I had an issue with the order being wrong and she fixed in immediately. I was highly impressed. I had to say Brit also helped me out in the process as well. This is why I return to Crutchfield almost always to my HT gear. I just love this place. Thank you Jenny and Brit so much!

James , December 3

Jenny was very patient and helpful, able to take me to a solution despite my lack of technical information or know how. Much appreciated !!

Bruce L, November 19

Jenny is super polite, knowledgeable and professional. It takes her no time to understand what customer needs. A very pleasant and efficient experience.

Boris, November 15

I simply gave her a direction of what I wanted for my new car and she set it all up for me with the things I need and things I want.

DJ, September 30

Jenny is very nice, patient and helpful. Great experience.

Xu Cheng, September 30

Jenny was very knowledgeable and helpful with my order. She was a pleasure to deal with.

Paul, September 3

Jenny did a great job of finding what I needed to make the install smooth and easy. I put the new radio in and was listening to it in an hour.

Dave, August 20

Jenny, You're great. I hope you stay with Crutchfield for some time. I like ordering from the company, have had excellent products and service, and you really helped my decision making. You took my recommendation about adding a Sirius XM tuner to go with my new JVC KW-R925BTS radio. I'll continue being a loyal Crutchfield customer.

Darrell, August 18

Jenny was very patient and helped me get the right products for my installation. She was very knowledgeable.

William , August 16

Maybe best customer service I've had. After discussing my situation I immediately purchased a product. She's a keeper that needs to be a customer service trainer!! Thanks Jenny!!!

Michael, July 31

I want to commend you and the entire team at Crutchfield on your customer orientation, service, and support. In today's world most companies think customer service is a nice recording to answer the phone and pretty web page the customer can use to take care of themselves. It is extremely welcome and refreshing to encounter an organization like yours. My experience highlights included you designing the order for me, having every part available in the kits to do the entire job, outstanding instructions, having everything fit, and even great support to correct my errors! This is by far one of the best customer service experiences I have had in years. I thank you and your entire team!

Loren Miller, July 12

I just had some simple questions about installation concerns, and Jenny was able to help. I loved that there was no push to purchase right away.

David, July 10

Jenny helped answer all my questions and made my shopping experience simple! Very well done. Thanks!!

Don, June 16

Awesome! Jenny took the time to go through my items and make recommendations on the upgrades I wanted in sound quality. She picked the best items to fit my vehicle, goals, and budget. I will add those items to my project exactly like she has them listed. Thanks for making my shopping easy!

Gordon, June 10

Jenny, was very helpful. Gave me some really great ideas. Once I make up my mind I will return.

Tony Cruz, June 8

Jenny was fantastic!!! She recommended a set of speakers and wiring adapters for my Silverado and sent me the info. via E-mail! Thanks a bunch!

Gary, June 5

Jenny was awesome! Not only did she answer all my questions she was able to assist with other compatible products. Thank you!

Mike, June 5

JENNY is awesome information was checked and verified in a timely fashion

justin , May 25

Jenny did a great job of walking me through the process of putting together a great sound system. She listened to exactly what I wanted to do and the constraints that I wanted to work under (e.g. reusing some of the stock wiring for a sub, pushing the door speakers from the receiver amp, etc). I was still looking around at that point, but I never felt pressured to buy just then or upsold. You can pay slightly less on other sites, but in the end Crutchfield is the better value because their expertise helps you get what you need the first time and wind up with the system that you want.

Adam, April 28

Jenny was quick to answer all my questions. She was very helpful. I was not if I had the right items I needed in my shopping cart. She checked and I knew I was ready to go. I placed my order right away. Thanks Jenny!!!!!!

Norris, April 22

Jenny was a real help with my question cheers Jenny

Julian , April 16

Jenny is the best!! Really helpful and informative!! Very patient and kind! Thank you Jenny!!!

Patrick, April 15

Jenny really knows her stuff. She answered all of my questions and set me up with exactly what I needed for my Mazda 3 Project. Thank you're awesome!

Scott, April 1

Jenny is wonderful. She helped me find the exact product I was looking for very quickly. Love chat at Crutchfield!

SuSu, March 31

Jenny rocks! She went the extra mile and helped me secure a sale price on a needed component. Great customer service!

Jason, March 31

Jenny helped me change my order when I decided on a different component system for my Corolla. She was patient and answered all my questions. As always great support from great knowledgeable and friendly people at Crutchfield!

Robert, March 18

Jenny was huge help in making my decision about a subwoofer. She even created a cart for me with the appropriate wiring!

Dan, February 26

Jenny was very helpful in answering my questions and guiding me towards a good choice for our needs and set up. Thank You

Ezra , February 5

Jenny is the best! she was very detailed and very patient with me.

arivalagan, February 4

Jenny was amazing, She took the time to show me options that fit my request, also show me promotions to help in cost. I started my conversation with her clueless to what I was looking for and she found the devices I needed, she even built my cart for me. I came back since and have made 2 additional purchases and now she's my go to support for Electronics.

Johnny, January 29

Jenny was very helpful. Great customer service with no pressure advice. I have been ordering from Crutchfield since 1990. You can call them up for any follow up and they are great and will help you. The reason I don't go to Best Buy is because you can save about $100-$200 on simple and basic installation. I have done about 5 stereos, 2 amps, subs and and many speakers through Crutchfield and saved tons of money. Thank you.

Chris, January 28

Jenny was super cool. She put the whole package together for me. I spent 12 hours on Ebay looking at every radio double-din out there. I GAVE UP. I then looked at Crutchfield. 3 things made me go with Crutchfield. 1. JENNY, knowledgeable, helpful, took 1 hour to put all my things together. Emailed me when finished.DID NOT make me wait on line.....Really a pro! 2. They have better than or same pricing. 3. 60 day return. No questions asked. Ebay will not do this. Radio came on time. Jenny was super. On Ebay, who do you talk to??? Thanks Jenny.

Joseph, January 9

Excellent feedback on subwoofer compatibility and matching to anexisting system!

Dan, January 3

Excellent feedback on subwoofer compatibility and matching to existing system!

Dan, January 3

Jenny was unreal! She gave me all the help I need, made me a cart, and hooked me up with all the advice I needed. 5/7. or 10/10, whichever you prefer.

Nicholas, December 31

Jenny was awesome helping me figure out how to keep my stock 1996 VW system in place, and add a hidden system with a wired remote. She is an audio wizard!! Thanks Jenny!!!

Scott Martinson, December 29

She helped me find the unit that met all my needs from the options to the size! Great work Jenny!

Chris, December 18

I was unsure what model of receiver to purchase for my daughter and Jenny helped me to narrow down my choices and come to a decision. She answered my questions professionally and methodically and eased my mind about this purchase. I appreciate such good support and it really is the reason I come to Crutchfield for my stereo needs. Thank you so much

Drew, December 17

Great service! Jenny answered all my questions and I was able to get my order in - in time for Christmas delivery. Thanks Jenny!

Dawn, December 17

Jenny helped me with door specs on my truck and answered my questions on installation. Cool chick. Thank you for the help jenny.

donny leath, December 17

Jenny was a big help today. She showed me some options for a touchscreen radio to replace my factory unit. She clearly knows her stuff and represents Crutchfield well.

Mike, December 11

I had a issue got connected with Jenny, told her my concern she answered in seconds and solved my issue. Looking forward to chatting with her again. Awesome service! Thank you for your helpful knowledge!

dee, December 2

Jenny did a great job helping me.

anton, November 21

I have a pretty nice setup but with a few older pieces I didn't want to swap out. Jenny took the time to look up my equipment and help guide me through what would work best, and what wouldn't. She provided some real world guidance to enhance my setup. thanks Jenny!!

Michael, November 20

She was very responsive and knowledgeable of products I asked about. Very friendly, enjoyed chatting with her, and I am purchasing products she recomended!

Johnny , November 17

I made chat contact at 10:30 PM, I was amazed how quickly she was able to respond to me, what great service!! She answered all my questions and I'm off to finish my install. Great Service!!

Cayetano, October 8

Even though I know nothing about car stereos and hit her up with absolutely inane questions, she explained everything calmly and patiently- a lot better than I could do if put in her position! She is the best, and you are lucky if you get her as an advisor!

Jason, October 1

I have an older amplifier for my car (previously my brother's), and I needed to get a new subwoofer for it, and Jenny was able to tell me if the one I was interested in was compatible. Thanks for your help!

Lisa, August 19

Jenny, I am very impressed with your knowledge and expertise. Most importantly attention to detail. You ask the proper questions to evaluate customer needs. Rare find in any industry. Kudos, to you and your company. i hope they compensate according to your skills. Will reply again, once I have evaluated my audio system. Thanx, Jimi.

james cogdill, April 1

Had the pleasure of Jennys company and expertise in helping me put together what I know is going to be a phenomenal system,!! She was very quick (just under a minute I believe!!) to point out a mistake I had made which could have blown four of the six speakers I purchased!!! Even after I changed her recommended speakers to my preferred ones!! (2nd guessing that decision now!) Incredible is all I can say!! Crutchfield is now my home for audio, and Jenny for as long as possible will always be my Advisor!!!!

John Sandefer, February 27

Jenny has helped me over two purchases develop a whole new audio system in my car. She instantaneously could answer any question I had from power to wiring to future upgrades. I have recommended Jenny to my friends who are going to be upgrading their systems in the near future.

Kyle D, February 23

Thank you for all of the help getting my new system going! You asked all of the right questions and took lots of time to help!

KG4ICN, February 5

Whatever magic Jenny used to identify EXACTLY the in-dash GPS/Nav unit (and accessories) I needed was brilliant. She found the perfect balance of quality and affordability by truly listening to my needs. Your customer service is why I will always come back to Crutchfield.

Jordan, November 4

It is refreshing and reassuring when you talk with someone who gets it, and Jenny gets it.

Eddie, September 24

Thank you for your help, for sharing your knowledge and assistance. You made the process much easier and help like yours is what sets Crutchfield a part from the herd.

Ward, September 18

Jenny was extremely knowledgeable, a real audiophile. She helped me choose the right unit as I was on the fence between two items. She will steer you in the right direction to satisfy YOUR needs and requirements.

Bob A, September 6

Jenny was super helpful, and by asking a series of specific questions, she was able to help me configure the perfect in-dash nav/bluetooth/back up camera solution. Looking forward to getting the gear. So much easier and cheaper than I expected!! Thanks Jenny!!!!

Don, May 17

Jenny, thank you very much for your help. l was confused on which XM tuner to purchase, you answered my questions and got me set up. Job well done!

W Brady, December 29

Jenny has assisted me with purchases since 2004. Outstanding customer support advisor. Thanks for going out of your way to help with my purchases...

Jeff Canada, November 16

Jenny you're great!!! Thank you for all your hard work and advice!

samuel 407, October 28

Jenny is awesome. Hardworking, responsive, incredibly well educated in her products and a pleasure to talk to and deal with. I enjoyed working with her and hope she is rewarded for her incredible efforts.

Dan the Golf Professional, October 15

Jenny, is a smart CSR and a "go getter". Not that I had and difficulties with my order but you can just tell that she is going to take care of any issues if they do arise.

Robert DeLong, February 26

Jenny, Thank you for helping me order my bass package and discuss possible future upgrades. You were very helpful when ordering.

Trey, September 6

Jenny did a great job finding something within my budget and that would work very well with my head unit! Not sure if she helped out but the shipping was very fast! Received my order in 2 days. For sure would recommend her to anyone looking for car audio and i will be asking her more questions as I improve the system in my truck

CJ, March 30

Jenny was great! Put together a full cart for me of exactly what I wanted. Thanks so much Jenny you made shopping so much easier!

Kevin Timmons, January 24

Jenny is my goto advisor! Very quick with answers to all my questions that I have.

Marc, July 17

This is the second time I've dealt with Jenny, and the reason why I specifically asked for her the second time around is because of her superb customer service skills... Thank you once again Jenny, and Crutchfield for making my experience such a positive one...

Paula, August 23

What an extraordinary level of customer service. The bar for standards of service has been raised with your contributions of knowledge in the electronics field. I am ever so grateful to have you as my advisor.

Jim Heily, July 22

Jenny was incredibly helpful when I was configuring the system for my street rod. She helped me with compatibility questions, and installation information - putting a modern system in a 1933 Ford Sedan is never standard. She helped a lot and even built my shopping cart for me. Thanks Jenny!

Robert, March 12

I am so glad Jenny is my advisor, she provided me with answers to all my questions and the products she recommended were well within my budget. So, all the way from the rock in the Pacific,the island of American Samoa, its a pleasure doing business with you Jenny!!

Misipati Salanoa, January 28

Thanks for the help and advice.

Jason, November 6