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We are located in Virginia USA.



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More about Larry

High-end audio/video enthusiast for home, car and personal electronics.

Advisor since 2012|Located in Charlottesville, VA
Tech I'm excited about:

4K TVs, A/V & stereo receivers, wireless streaming, factory stereo integration

Favorite music:

The Rolling Stones, The Black Keys, The Roots, Radiohead, etc...

Favorite TV shows:

Game of Thrones, Shameless, any History Channel documentary on WWII

Favorite streaming service:


Have you worked with Larry?

What customers say about Larry

Larry is the TROOF!! He helped me tremendously. Very knowledgeable and very helpful. He needs 2 raises!!

Brandon S., March 17

Give Larry a raise!! He helped in more ways than one and did everything he could to help me with my order amazing service!

Steven , January 24

Larry seems to be a very useful member of the Crutchfield team and I hope you all are honored to have him as an Advisor because I certainly am.

Adam, June 16

Larry offers nearly perfect customer service, providing solutions to issues without defects. His approach to customer service is real and personable, effectively adapting to customer requirements without pause. The lasting impression of Larry is one of passion - he cares about his customers to the point where Larry and customer service are synonymous.

B, June 16

Larry was great. I could not of figured out all I needed without him. He deserves a raise.

fred ingalls, June 2

Seems like Larry is always there to help and answer questions pretty much every day of the week. Good asset for a company like Crutchfield.

Bill Zizzi, May 30

Larry was very helpful and answered my questions in a timely manner. He also did not try to up-sell me on anything. Great customer support!!

Greg Vega, May 14

Larry was a big help in getting the order together to upgrade the head unit in our Suburban. He had all the answers and made some recommendations on parts to make the installation look more "OEM". Great job!

Mitch, May 9

Larry was quite knowledgable about matching speakers to 4k televisions. He was very helpful.

Stewart White, May 3

Larry saved me from buying something I really didn't need and still covering all the bases of what I did. Thanks!

Katie High, May 1

Dude knows his stuff. By giving him the genre of music I prefer, he was able to better design the car audio system to fit my needs. Range and depth, without trunk rattling bass.

John, April 18

Larry is just the best. I have talked to him several times, and he always gives great advice. He knows his stuff. He is polite and knowledgeable and just a great guy overall. He will always look for a solution, or work around. He'll always look for something some way in your budget.

James, April 11

Larry is The Man! Larry put together a sweet stereo system for my 2006 Honda Pilot. Thanks again Larry for all your help.

Walt, April 10

Larry was very helpful in assisting me with my car audio purchase and laid out several different options. I ultimately went with his recommendation and spend a little more due to the quality of the customer oriented service. Thanks again!

Matthew , March 28

Larry has been a great help on several occasions. He helped me to understand the positives and negatives of some of the decisions I was making. Larry is one of the reasons I keep coming back to Crutchfield for my Home A/V needs.

Chris, March 5

This guy Larry here is what customer service should be modeled after. There was not one question he couldn't answer and not only that he went above and beyond putting together a cart for me so I can have an overall visual of what I would need to power a specific amp that he recommended. Not only did he provide me with info on recommended spots to place a new amp he provided me with vehicle specific instructions on how to remove and replace my old head unit for when I want to wire up a new amp when I'm able to purchase one. When I asked Larry about my specific products I already installed in my vehicle and a sub I want to put in he answered every single question I had and provided me with links to products and videos to help with installation on the Crutchfield website. Extreme major props to Larry, you did me a great justice today and answered questions I would have spent some serious time Googling to no avail. You're the man Larry, you've given the words customer service and satisfaction new meaning. I will be purchasing from Crutchfield because of you.

Jaymion , February 7

Larry is the man, knows all the ins and outs of home theater receivers. Helped me find a receiver to fit my very specific needs in just a few minutes. Top notch support. A fine example why Crutchfield support has NO competition.

Jim, January 18

Larry provided awesome customer service. He knew about the products that I was considering which allowed me to make a more educated decision. Thanks Larry and I will be reaching out to you again for my next purchase.

Jesse, January 16

Larry helped me decide which head unit to get and answered all my questions fast and knowledgeably. I'll definitely be hitting him up again if I need more advice. Thanks Larry!

Steven, January 4

Well it is Sunday and with my schedule it is the only time I have to on the research internet. To find help on a Sunday morning WOW how good is that! Larry you and the rest of your staff are great. I had options to buy the same equipment at the same price but bought through Crutchfield today because of your on line help. You have made a new customer.

Bob, December 18

Larry was freaking awesome. He helped me figure out exactly what I needed and how to make things work. You should give this guy a raise or something. I literally spent $30 more on an $85 product because I believe I will have a better experience in the end over buying it from somewhere else. The advantage of the level of customer service is worth the extra money so that I don't get hundreds of dollars in doctor bills due to the stress I would get without the service. So kudos to Larry.

Rick, December 5

Wow, I didn't expect Live Help on a Thanksgiving weekend. Thank you for the help Larry. By confirming that I can't purchase any harness to plug in to my factory radio to avoid cutting wires, I can finally stop trying to avoid it and cut the damn thing already. I was pushing the installation back for days even after pulling the dash out just in case I can buy a harness.

Lex, November 26

With so many options for car stereo speakers I didn't know where to start. Larry put me on the right track and gave me a reasonably priced option that would serve my needs perfectly. Thanks for the honest and quick help!

Tim, November 11

Had questions on a Bluetooth Soundbar. Larry was great, helpful and knowledgeable After discussing my needs Larry recommended what he thought would work best - even discussed buying the "scratch and dent" model as they are great buys, that are warrantied. Great job!!

Janine, October 24

Larry gave me an honest expert opinion without trying to up sell me. He saved me a lot of time that I would have had to use researching all the possible options. He gave me his recommendation in 60 seconds. Larry has upper management written all over him. Larry is the reason why I'm buying my next speakers from Crutchfield.

Shawn, October 18

Larry assisted me quickly and efficiently on locating a head unit for my Jeep. He answered several questions and asked a few to help narrow down what I was looking for. He made an overwhelming situation for me become an easy decision. Great Dealing him. I give Larry... 2 Thumbs up!

Bob, October 2

Give Larry a raise. When I first opened everything I thought I was in over my head. The last time I changed a radio was about 15 years ago. I said to my lady no way is this all going to work. Well I got started, about 6 hours later everything worked. I'm glad I decided to spend the money for a name brand unit from a real retailer. The screw connectors were helpful and the wire puller really came in handy. Maybe it should just be included with purchase of head unit. Great job Larry.

William, September 10

Larry is super awesome. Really relaxed and helped me figure out the perfect setup for my sub. Really cool guy who knows his stuff.

Charlie, September 2

Larry was AWESOME.... Very professional and helpful. I gave him my specs and he was able to find exactly what I needed very quickly. He also had good knowledge in regards to product and installs.

Anticius Bartley, September 1

Larry did a phenomenal job helping me. I am repairing a factory stereo harness on a Ford Fusion and he had the exact answers when the dealership didn't! Great job Mr. Larry!

Cody, August 8

Thanks Larry! You helped me finalize my decision to purchase the Bose system that I've wanted for so long!

Jean Haggar, July 13

Larry helped me so much with choosing the right products for my car! Now I understand everything thanks to him!

Connor, July 11

Larry was probably one of the most helpful and most informative person I have talked to on any website. He answered all my questions and explained what each part was to go to and where it was located thanks for the great experience.

Noah, June 22

Had a great chat with Larry today about replacement options for my Kenwood Marine stereo. Larry was able to find the unit that would be plug compatible and able to tell me whether my existing "remotes" would be able to work with the new stereo (unfortunately not but he pointed me to the new ones that would work). An enjoyable and very professional chat - maybe one of the best I've ever experienced. If all "chats" were like what I experienced with Larry today, I'd use them all the time (instead of avoiding them). Well done Larry and congrats to Crutchfield for having such wonderful advisors as Larry for us to depend on!

Harry, June 17

Nailed it. Knew exactly what I was looking for and came back with a selection of components that were in my budget and met my specification. Great working with Larry.

Rodney, June 17

Very friendly, patient and helpful!

jure, June 15

Larry was very helpful in helping me to better understand car audio systems. It was nice to feel like he was more concerned about helping me build an ideal system as opposed to selling me items that I didn't need. His honesty and integrity have given me the assurance that Crutchfield is a reputable business worth doing business with. Thanks Larry.

matthew, June 9

Larry is awesome. He explains everything really well and knows what he's doing. A+ !! THANK YOU BASED LARRY

Gregory, June 4

Larry was extremely helpful with everything. Answered all my questions and recommended some good products and helped me find a good set up for my car sound system. Thanks Larry!

Andrew , June 3

Larry was helpful in helping me find the direct replacement size for speakers in my 2007 Mazda. He was able to find the information quickly, and inform me of the options. Keep up the great work Larry!

Aaron, May 20

Larry helped me feel comfortable that my out-of-state daughter could handle the installation with Crutchfield's support. Very knowledgeable on the features and functions of the stereo systems. Very personable.

Phil, May 19

Larry was great with my questions and had an answer for everything I threw at him! He spent a good 20 minutes making sure everything I had to ask was answered fully. I was completely unsure as to what deck I wanted and gave him a few points that I was interested in (touchscreen, steering wheel controls compatible, sub-woofer direct connection, etc). He found the perfect unit for what I wanted, and explained why it was a great unit. Thanks again, Larry! Your help/guidance was great!!

Tim, May 11

Just bought a 2016 GMC Sierra 1500 Regular cab and was looking for help on the harness to upgrade my stock din radio to my pioneer touchscreen double din. Larry was able to provide me with what harness I could choose from and what each one meant in regards to advantages and disadvantages. Larry is a great asset to CRUTCHFIELD. He has made me a repeat customer!

Brandon, May 9

I had trouble finding the exact specs of my factory system's subwoofer impedance, and Larry helped me by finding it for me. He even suggested what could be done to achieve my desired system (a factory subwoofer swap) and was very polite with his responses. Thanks for your help Larry!

Quentin , May 9

Just installed the new JVC radio in my 2003 Silverado that Larry helped me order. It went perfectly because Larry ensured I had everything I need to install the new radio. I have a very happy 16 year old also. Thanks Larry

Mike , May 8

Larry was prompt, courteous and professional in addressing my questions about upgrading/replacing my audio/visual system in my Toyota Sequoia. Larry was a pleasure to chat with.

CPQ, May 1

Larry made my speaker purchase simple. I told him my car is a 2011 infiniti g25x. He did the research & gave me his recommendation for replacing them. And now I can't wait to install them.

Kendall , April 28

I received excellent help and advise from Larry in regards to installing a powered sub in my car. I am by no means technical, but I do like DIY projects and figure that this would be something I could try. Larry explained what would need to be done in laymans terms and answered all of my questions easily and quickly. Larry seems very knowledgeable and passionate about what he does. Thanks for the help and recommendations Larry, you were a great help! To Larry's manager, give this guy a raise!

Kyle, April 24

Larry was awesome. Quick to point out some great suggestions with some pretty specific criteria to meet. Thanks Larry!

Dave, April 24

Larry was very knowledgeable and helpful in my search for a new radio for my 2003 Silverodo. He included everything that I will need to install my new radio. This is the type of customer service that I look for and is one of the factors I look at when I choose where I spend my money. I just have to decide which unit I am going to purchase from Crutchfield.

Mike, April 23

Larry was great to work with- he really listened to my situation, and clarified things well for me. I love Crutchfield and their people too!

Mike, April 10

I'm a musician but not very technical, Larry answered my pretty basic questions happily, and steered me toward a great sounding system. I'm grateful for his assistance as well as the fantastic service from Crutchfield in general!

Jane, March 30

Larry was very helpful, I knew what I wanted but would have purchased something that would not have fit except for Larry's expertise. Thanks Larry!

Mike , March 6

Larry was very helpful. I was trying to set up a system with different zones of wired and powered speakers. I was out of my element and Larry was patient knowledgeable and even provided different stylistic form factors. I really appreciate the service that was provided and will be a repeat customer because of it.

Travis, February 25

Larry was a huge help as I was lost on which harness I needed for my new stereo. Thank you again!

Jim Mason, February 19

By far my best experience chatting with any company's representative. I'm kind of a newbie at all this, and Larry knew what I was trying to ask better than I did. Huge help. Thanks, Larry!

Jared, February 3

Saved me a lot of time and effort by showing me the exact parts that I needed. Never used Crutchfield before but just based on this experience I will be using them again!

Mike, February 1

Crutchfield has always given me good customer support. Larry did a great job helping me straighten out an issue trying to exchange a recent purchase for an upgraded model with the options I was looking for.

Michael, January 10

Larry gave me answers to questions about the compatibility of a product to android operating systems. He was quick to answer and alleviate any concerns I had.

Riley, December 16

I was looking for a DVD receiver found 2 I liked but was unsure on some features. He not only helped me learn about them but also helped me find the one I wanted.

Russell, December 7

Good Man, Larry! : Right to the point. No wasted time, but clear and knowledgeable, friendly and prompt in getting the info I was looking for. Thanks Larry !!

John, December 7

I had a great technical support experience with Larry. I needed assistance comparing 2 products that I was interested in. Larry was extremely helpful and even added all of the Shopping Cart items for me. The whole process was quick and easy. Thank you!

Joey, December 4

Larry was great. Technically proficient, quick to help, and spot on guidance. Really appreciated the help!

Jim Sherry, November 30

Larry was awesome. I had put together a proposed config and he recommended a better speaker selection with higher efficiency. Plus he created a complete cart with all the required wiring, tools and even the right installation instructions for my vehicle. Great customer service!

Dan, November 22

I thought Larry was tremendously helpful and I feel much more comfortable about the decision to purchase a receiver now. Thanks for all your help Larry.

Andrew M, November 22

Larry was straight to the point, with few questions he told me he will find me something. Moments later he send me a link with all of the tools and the speakers to my preference. Love the quick service.

Maksym, November 14

Larry was quick to tell me about a deal going on that got me better speakers, and a better deal. You are the man sir!

George, November 2

Larry was a massive help with any question I had for him. He gave truthful and honest answers when I asked anything and did not try to up sell me on anything I did not want. Very professional and straight to the point. Will be a future customer just because of Larry. Thanks again!!

Jose, November 1

Larry was straight to the point, and made my personal worries a thing of the past, thankfully I saved the page he recommended and now have new-found ideas to explore with. Thanks Larry!

Gray, October 22

Larry was great. So helpful. I was on the fence between two car stereo systems. He helped me to compare the features of both and eventually guide me through the process of what components to buy so I had a better idea of cost. Thanks, Larry!

Mike, October 19

Definitely knew what he was talking about. Recommended products to go along with what I was asking about, set all required items in a cart required for installation, answered any questions I could come up with. Great help and a great Advisor!

Anthony, October 18

Larry was extremely helpful and creative in trying to help me solve an audio design challenge with my a/v receiver and outdoor speakers controlled from zone 3 on the receiver.

Joe, October 3

Larry was great. He advised me on the dimensions of a head unit I had from an old vehicle and whether it was worth attempting to install. He then got me set up with the perfect adapters for the install!

Joe, September 11

Larry was great. He advised me on the dimensions of a head unit I had from an old vehicle and whether it was worth attempting to install. He then got me set up with the perfect adapters for the install!

Joe, September 11

Larry was great... Made sure what would and wouldn't fit in my F-150.. I ended up getting the Kickers 6x8's for the front and back doors... With the Nav/Sony system w/sub.. Thanks dude.

Ryan, August 27

Larry has excellent customer service! Even though my question was pre-sales (desired item not in stock), he took his time to understand my situation and come up with the best solution that fit my needs. Very cool!

Kris, July 31

Larry talked me through what sort of connections I'd need for a very custom setup. I have an Android tablet in lieu of a head unit, so he helped tell me what sort of connections my amp permitted and what sort of wiring I would need. Awesome support!

Alexander Lozada, July 12

I felt like he was listening carefully to what I was asking him, being patient, and then recommending a product (which I ended up buying) that seemed to fit just what I needed. He could have recommended something far more expensive, but thought I'd be happy with his recommendation. I expect to be. Thanks, Larry.

James E., June 2

Shopping for new audio components for the first time in at least 10 years. Larry was a huge help, very knowledgeable and friendly.

Erik, May 17

Larry was exceptional with helping me find the perfect pair of headphones. He helped me find the one that would suit my lifestyle perfectly while still staying within my budget. I recommend him for any help you may need.

Jordan, May 10

Larry was incredibly patient helpful and knowledgable about the products and questions I asked. I'm glad to have gotten him as a rep to help me with my purchase!

James, May 7

I had a number of questions rattling around my head while purchasing a new head unit and 4 speakers for my car. What wiring harness did I need? What about the stock amp? How hard is the install? What tools do I need? This was my first attempt at a stereo install. I had a brief but informative web chat with Larry. He answered all my questions and added the correct harness and tools I would need. (I had the wrong harness initially.) He also assured me that it was actually pretty easy to do an install. He was right! After about 90 minutes of effort I now have a sound system that I love. Now my son wants the same setup in his car.. Larry was very helpful and supportive. Great ambassador for Crutchfield!

Jeff S, April 21

I have been helped on a couple of projects by Larry, He is always courteous and my projects have both gone great. Thanks for the help Larry.

Donny, April 20

I spoke with Larry about a concern I had regarding necessary tools for the purchase I planned to make. He was helpful and informed me about the correct tools, including a link to the pry tools I would need for installing speakers in the doors. My installation went quite well, even though it was my first time installing car audio since I was a kid. Larry even sent me a postcard after my purchase, just to make sure everything went well.

Damon, July 1

Larry just reassured my purchase choice which made me feel a little more comfortable with the money I spent. Thanks Larry

Lee, February 2

Just talked to Larry on the chat. He was very straight forward and helpful. He knew what he knew and was honest about what he didn't. He helped me in my decision making process.

Greg L., January 16

I told him what I needed and what I wanted. He told me not to worry about it and that he'll get me all that I needed. He did what he told me he would do and made my experience easier. Thank you Larry.

Erick L, January 9

Larry was extremely helpful. I was new to this whole car audio thing and told him what I needed/wanted/liked and he sent me recommendations. If I ever need assistance again I'm looking for Larry. They need to give this guy a raise.

Mike L., October 20

Larry was awesome helping me pick out new speakers for the front and back of my truck. The whole process took less than 10 minutes. Everything was added to my cart and all that was left was for me to checkout!! Thanks Larry!

Graylen Limme, October 16

Larry helped me get all the right components for my wife to enjoy her new radio. Can't wait to install it.

David, September 6

Larry just advised me when I was looking to purchase a 2 channel amp/wiring kit for my car audio system. He was very helpful. I just placed the order today, and I am eagerly anticipating the arrival so I can install!

Craig N. Heon, June 13

Larry recommended a pair of Sennheiser Bluetooth headphones to me that turned out to be absolutely fantastic. I told him what I was looking for and he steered me in the right direction. Thanks for a painless shopping experience, Larry!

Chris, December 4