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Prior USN sub specialist who now dives deep into all things car audio

Tech I'm excited about:

I love car audio, it's my thing.

Favorite music:

I love "Classic Rock" and "Old Country"

Favorite getaway spot:

I love being outdoors, period...from the mountains to beaches.

Best thing about working at Crutchfield:

The people. I work with the most tenured group of people in the industry


  • JL Audio Certified

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What customers say about Lee

Lee was very patient... Like I was the only customer that he had and he would spend as much time with me as he needed to. He was not in a hurry and he was not pushy to try to sell me something that I might not need... I am in customer service myself and it was quite a different experience than I have had with any other company!

jim lecroy, May 10

Lee is a straight shooter. He was like talking to one of my good buds about OLED. No pressure to buy just great information. When I said I needed some time to think, he gave me his direct line and said call back anytime. I did not call back, I made the decision then and there. Much obliged!

benjamin, February 14

Thank you Lee for selecting the speakers that make my mothers car sound great. I did the install and it was very simple. Cheers, Dean

Dean, February 6

Lee you were outstanding. Appreciate all your effort you put into my purchase. Your tenor at Crutchfield has value and purpose. I will be a returning customer for all my audio/video needs. Thanks again.

Stephen, July 20

Lee has been my go to guy for all things audio now for years. He is very helpful and knowledgeable in whatever I am shopping for. Crutchfield is an awesome place to do business with and it is always a pleasure dealing with Lee. Crutchfield is lucky to have a guy like Lee working for them. Great advice with my newest home reciever. Thanks again

Jeff Costner, June 6

Lee stayed on the phone with for over an hour. I was having problems with my I-datalink Maestro. Being a Saturday, makers of the Maestro product where closed. He went through the trouble of troubleshooting every aspect. And even called me back with the fix. Companies like Crutchfield and people like Lee are few and far between nowadays. That is why when it comes to electronics. My business will remain with Crutchfield.

Allen Graybeal, April 13

Lee was very helpful as well as knowledgeable. It was a complete pleasure to do business with him.

Alfonso , March 29

Lee was very helpful. This was my first experience with Crutchfield and Lee made it pain free.

Bobby , March 22

Thanks so much Lee for helping me out on the selection of the right car speakers for my 2016 Hyundai Tucson. You were a great help, I went all over the internet for about 3 hrs and finally I kept seeing people say call Crutchfield so I did and was really surprised at the technical expertise that Lee had. He was very patient and answered all of my questions. He even sent me pictures of my center speaker removal options. Thanks again Lee. I hope all of your technicians are like him!

Ron Henley, March 2

Very helpful, knowledgeable, friendly, professional.

Richard Strahlem, December 31

Lee was a big help today, we both learned something about the headphones and I'm confident I made the right choice with his input. Thanks again !!

Darrin, August 11

great help!! Very professional and knowledgeable. Knew all the answers and gave useful advice.

Federico Azpurua, August 9

Thank you for your great support taking the time to help me match the right box to my subwoofer. You were a big help =)

Stephen, May 17

Lee, thanks for your help today. I appreciate the time you took in helping me make sure I had the right audio equipment for my son's truck. It will make a big difference to him this holiday. It was a pleasure to talk with you!

John L., November 28

Thank you Lee. I talked to you on the phone today, and you were a huge help. I ordered what you advised.

Lex Semenenko, September 29

I have been dealing with Crutchfield since 1994. I look back and see that Lee has helped me more than anyone. If you have dealt with him you know why. That's why I keep going back!!

Les, August 17

Lee was helpful, courteous, and efficient with my order - I needed to make a purchase and redeem a gift card. Thanks again!

Bryan Matthew, November 14

Lee was awesome to work with. He confirmed my order and gave me peace of mind that I had all I needed for my Jeep Wrangler. Thanks Lee:-)

Will, October 12

Lee was very informative on the information i was needing. great attitude

Ron Davis, November 10

Thanks Lee for your help, thanks for your service.

Jacques Olis, November 10

I just got off the phone with Lee. He was very helpful and knowledgeable. Since the stereo I "thought" I had wanted is discontinued, he helped me find one that would be a great, maybe even better, alternate. Lee, thank you for your awesome customer service. I will call you when I need to buy anything else from Crutchfield.

Andrew F, March 29

Lee was very helpful with my quick questions. Look forward to working with him again in the future.

Mark McCoy, November 4