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Crazy about audio and video.

Tech I'm excited about:

4K in my face action movies and sports and then the relaxing calm of a Mozart Concerto

Favorite music:

Classical, Jazz and 60s and 70s oldies

Favorite streaming service:

Netflix, Amazon Prime, Pandora and VUDU

Best thing about working at Crutchfield:

Affords me an opportunity to share my passion for music and video


  • JL Audio Certified

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What customers say about Pete

Very helpful in distinguishing my needs and simplifying the process.

Jon, October 30

Pete was able to help place my order having to use 2 different gift cards. I thought it might be a big process to get it through but it was easy once he took over. Thanks, Pete!

Kent , August 6

Pete put my concerns at ease when spending so much on audio video. Great guy great customer support!!!! Definitely coming back!!!!

Don, May 7

I just spoke to Pete. I am now a Crutchfield loyal customer. He explained what tweeter, mid-range is needed in aggregate to maximize the type of audio I am looking for. Specs I did not know would make a difference when buying "high end" home theater systems. I am ordering Onkyo and Klipsh equipment. I could tell Pete spoke from his own experiences and understands current state of the art audio technology. Very good experience. This is customer service that just does not happen anymore. Mainstream retailers could take ques from Crutchfield. I will never order equipment or accessories from anyone else starting now!

Dennis, April 16

Whatever you do at Crutchfield, don't get rid of Pete. His technical and soft skills helped me sift through a rather challenging process; he guided me from not knowing what I wanted to having exactly what I needed in a 30 minute conversation. It's always nice to have a logical and helpful person helping you make difficult purchases! I am looking forward to enjoying my product. Thanks Pete!

Michael, February 27

I've been doing business with Crutchfield for years,my first order was back in the early 70's and it's always been a pleasure. That's in part due to the fantastic service and attention you get from employees like Pete. He is very helpful, polite and concerned about the customers needs. A pleasure to do business with, thank you!

Charles, January 30

I purchased a radio 3-4 years ago and never got around to installing until recently Called Crutchfield and was extremely lucky with getting Pete! his help put me back on track with getting my awesome radio installed. His professionalism and politeness was a refreshing breath of fresh air considering the other companies. He is why I have been a Crutchfield customer for over 10 plus years. Thank you Pete.

Aaron, January 19

Pete was awesome, makes it easy to stay with Crutchfield.

robert Lujan, September 5

Pete is a great listener. He knew what my price range was and stayed within my budget. Very knowledgeable and found my family a great sound system.

Silvio, August 28

I was very delighted to have spoken with Pete: a well-informed and experienced car audio enthusiast like myself. He was obviously an expert in car audio and could very quickly navigate to any information that wasn't already in his head. I didn't know we could still get quality advice like that over the phone. Crutchfield has won over all my purchases from Amazon who has very vague descriptions on their posts and not Pete's to talk to.

Aaron, August 8

Pete ended my dilemma in my search to replace by blown Denon receiver. After several days of reviewing top receiver lists I narrowed my choice to four units. I called Crutchfield's ask a tech and Pete provided excellent guidance in selecting a new unit.

LOUIS, July 18

Pete's Great, he took my mixed up, undecided thoughts. And zeroed in on the best choices for me!! (just what I needed, someone who knows their stuff... Lol.... Thanks Pete.....

Roger, May 8

I've been searching day and night for a dash kit to fit my 2005 Altima. I gave Crutchfield a call and got forwarded to Pete. He is extremely polite and helped me find the product that I was looking for in a very timely manner. I also hung up before giving all my information, so he gave me a call to collect all of my remaining information.

Kejuan B, March 13

Pete helped me in a very efficient manner that I appreciated, no hard sell either. Thanks Pete!

Dan, May 24

Pete helped me pick out a new Onkyo receiver after my old Pioneer Elite crashed. He was very knowledgeable on his background for these products. End comment was he knows his stuff and I really like my new Onkyo receiver. It is every bit as good as the Pioneer Elite but now I have HDMI hookup and can hear the sound on my Blu-ray discs. I have a lot of trust in Pete ...Keep up the fine work.

kevin, March 4

Good Job Pete. That is what customer service should be about. You were friendly, knowledgeable, and very helpful. Thanks

Scott, May 4