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Lifelong audio, radio and voiceover guy ready to help you find what you need!

Tech I'm excited about:

Dolby Atmos

Instruments I play:


Favorite music:

Brazilian Carnaval Samba

Favorite movies:

'Apocalypse Now'

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What customers say about Ricardo

Awesome customer service. A++ from a happy Canadian customer!

Ivan, April 18

I am very pleased and impressed with the customer service from Crutchfield. Thank you so much to Rick whom has been so helpful with processing my order. He made it so easy for me!!

Cindy, September 28

Ricardo is good he was so fast in sharing correct relevant information I was amazed I actually checked out his profile to learn more about him. He is great, thanks Ricardo!

Tafi , September 9

Great advisor, thanks Ricardo.

Alberto Garcia, June 22

Estoy muy agradecida con Ricardo porque tenia una duda referente a una marca de radio que no se ve en Puerto Rico (Eaton) y el muy amable me aclaro la duda. Y por supusto porque habla Espa'l y pude expresarme en mi idioma y que me entendieran. Gracias

Ada, June 14

Went above and beyond and resolved my issue regarding shipping to Canada. Thank you

eric, January 26

Ricardo was extremely patient, kind and understanding when he spoke to me. He helped me get my package shipped and tried to find any solution he could to help me along the way. He is a real gem and a quality customer rep.

Ranjana, December 14

Thanks for your help on making a well informed decision on a car stereo. I really appreciate gathering information from me and no high pressure sales to sell something I didn't want or need. Thank you!

Brad, December 14

Thank you for online conversation for me, friendly answer that question, I want to thank him for helping

Bat-Erdene, October 27