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More about Rusty

I have been an electronics enthusiast from an early age, from car audio to pro audio gear

Advisor since 2001|Located in Charlottesville, VA
  • Pro Audio Advisor
Tech I'm excited about:

Pro Audio Gear, amps, speakers & recording interfaces

Favorite music:

All genres, I love good music

Best thing about working at Crutchfield:

Keeping up with technology and helping our customers

  • Pro Audio Certified

Have you worked with Rusty?

What customers say about Rusty

Rusty was very helpful. He took the time to speak with me and at no point did I feel rushed. Thank you again for sharing your car audio expertise with me.

Sheldon H., November 29

THANK YOU Rusty! I purchased a Sony OLED TV. But did not want to replace my DVR, nor Stereo Receiver, which would have been about $800 to replace. Rusty searched and found the adapters that would allow me to not have to replace a perfectly good DVR and Stereo Receiver. THANKS Rusty!!!

Joe, October 30

I explained my problem and questions to Rusty, and he immediately answered all my concerns quickly, simply and thankfully, understandably. It was a pleasure speaking with someone in a customer service department who truly cared about the customer.

Bil, October 27

BIG THANKS to RUSTY for helping me get my truck audio lined out and advising me on what will sound better out of the components I had picked out while keeping in mind the budget. I can't wait for it all to get here so I can get the RANGER ROCKIN & ROLLIN!

Joe Pence, October 15

Thanks Rusty for all of your help with and guidance on our most recent purchase. We really appreciated your knowledge and patience with us.

Jim and wendy, September 11

Rusty was very knowledgeable about the range of speakers I was interested in buying, and was able to answer my questions about hook-ups and speaker wire as well. Very helpful and professional.

Michael, August 6

Rusty was great and he helped me with the product I was looking for. He is nice guy and he saved me time and money. He is so polite and very patient with all my questions and answered all of them. I give him a big high five!

Ratan Vanapamala, July 18

Rusty helped me about three weeks ago purchase a custom fit MTX Thunderforms enclosure with subwoofer for my Chevy Silverado. Rusty was a great help and of course very friendly! I am also very happy with the purchase. Thanks again !

sean maione , May 30

Rusty was my trusted guide. I found Crutchfield via Amazon and live chatted with Rusty. He had the particular Sony television that I was looking for and guided me through the sales process. He was the consummate professional -- polite, warm, informative and caring. I was purchasing the television for a friend (as a gift) and Rusty didn't get bothered at all with my billing address and the other address for shipping. He was cool as a cucumber! Another example of Rusty going the extra mile...the TV was going to be delivered on a Wed. when my friend would not be home and Rusty configured it so it would be delivered the next day. He is one in a million and I only wish that we could clone Rusty so that EVERY retail transaction would be as smooth and concern-free. Thank you, Rusty!!!

Pam , April 23

Rusty has been the most helpful person at Crutchfield. He's not just there to rush sales, he is the one to go to for completing your order.

james, April 6

Rusty was great to work with! He was knowledgeable and helped me find the amp I was looking for quickly and at a great price!

Kellam , March 31

Rusty was very patient and answered my questions quickly. It was nice to have someone actually give you customer service!

Rick , March 27

I had already selected all my components and just wanted to validate that what I was ordering was good. I called in and Rusty let me know of a modification to my vehicle to make the radio fit. That's huge since now I know what I need to do and what tools are needed before I install the radio.

Paul, March 3

Rusty is my car audio hero!! My knowledge of car audio is very limited and practically nonexistent. So the idea of shopping for new speakers was kind of frustrating. I needed to replace all 5 factory speakers in my Jeep Wrangler and add a powered subwoofer. I spent many hours online trying to find what I needed and wasn't having much luck. I also visited a local car audio dealer and was given an outrageous quote. I was just about to give up and just order "something" online and hope for the best. However, before doing so I decided to call Crutchfield just to see what they had to offer. That was the best decision I made during this whole ordeal. I only wish I would have done so earlier. Rusty took the time to listen to and answer all of my questions. His assistance and recommendations made the shopping experience a pleasure. Rusty was also readily available to assist me with installation questions and provided all the necessary documentation and information needed. I am 100% satisfied and will definitely recommend your services to others. By the way, the installation was easy and the speakers sound great!!

Kevin , February 19

Wow. Rusty explained things perfectly and saved me time and money. He linked me to the correct products within minutes of chatting and set me up for a great success in my install.

Adam, February 19

Thanks --Rusty made this whole thing easy. I called thinking I needed to go in one direction but with his willingness to brainstorm with me, I was able to get what I wanted at a more reasonable price because of a focus on just the capabilities I needed. Plus he walked me through simple installation. I'll be coming back to Crutchfield again.

Deb , February 2

Rusty was very knowledgeable about the product. He verified an answer for me with his tech support to ensure he was informing me correctly about my specific vehicle. He was also very polite and nice to work with. Thanks Rusty!

Lon, January 21

Rusty delivered exceptional customer service. He helped me build an entire sound system for my house in 10 minutes.

Andrew, January 9

Rusty is a very knowledgeable and nice guy. He was able to explain away my doubts on the selected head unit and the speaker which included speaker matching. The stereo is not yet installed in my car and I am confident he will be able to help me just in case I have further questions...

wency, January 8

This was my first contact with Crutchfield. Rusty's professional and quick response to my question helped me decide to purchase from Crutchfield.

Roger P, December 28

Rusty has excellent customer service skills. Thank you Rusty for helping me choose the right DVD player! I appreciated your knowledge, politeness and good humor!

Ann , December 20

Big Thanks to Rusty tonight!!! for helping me choose the right system for my needs in my Jeep. Crutchfield has never steered me wrong!

Mark, November 21

I've been in the restaurant industry for years, so I know good customer service when I see it. Rusty is definitely a master of his craft. Very impressed with Crutchfield and their support staff.

Chris, November 8

Very helpful with a shallow mount subwoofer. He had all the answers to my questions and knew what questions to ask me. Very professional and the perfect face of Crutchfield. Thanks!

Lei , November 4

Rusty answered my innumerable questions patiently. He was helpful regarding technical specs of items I was looking at and helped me in my decision process. I found speaking with him very educational and would request to speak with him again for future purchases

Robin, November 2

It was great talking with Rusty about all the different navigation systems. He made it so easy to make a decision. I am looking forward to purchasing from Crutchfield. Again, Thanks Rusty. I will tell my friends about the Crutchfield family and especially Rusty.

Roosevelt, October 3

Super nice, prompt, helpful guy. Many thanks for the sound advice.

Ashley, October 2

I called in looking for a solution for my 2008 Ford E-250 work van with the requirements of Bluetooth and dual USB ports, and I did not want to spend a lot of money. Rusty was quick to tell me that dual USB ports was something found mostly on flagship models. As we know, "flagship" usually means $$$$, but I only wanted to spend $. So he came up with 2 options, but in the $$ range, which was only about $60 more than I had planned on spending. The thing is, it's not like he had to go searching and looking for options, he knew right away which ones to suggest. I'm looking forward to my new radio with dual USB ports! Thank you, Rusty, you rock!

Timothy , July 21

Rusty is dedicated, very knowledgeable, and professional Advisor who was an absolute pleasure to deal with. Thanks again Rusty.

Dominik, July 3

Rusty found the information I needed which I could not locate on web site - Not technical but I needed an answer. Rusty is the first experience I have had asking a rep from Crutchfield as I can usually find what I need to know in all the useful pages of info on the site. Thanks, Rusty.

Bev, May 23

Rusty was very helpful. He took care of my questions quickly and thoroughly. Initially was just coming here to find out some info on a DIY project, but the service convinced me to buy the parts through Crutchfield. Thanks for the courtesy and polite assistance! I'll continue to buy electronics and auto parts through this company knowing that the customer service is top notch!

Jake, April 20

I needed help finding a new head unit and sure enough in about 10 minutes Rusty showed me exactly what I was looking for and even set up the cart with what I needed to install it. Super helpful.

Chris, April 17

Rusty was amazing. Answered all my questions about which cables I needed to wire in the ceiling sound system in a remodel I'm doing. I am installing the audio equipment it has it's own set of challenges. He was really patient with me and directed me to all the right places.

Simon, April 5

I had questions about adding a subwoofer to my stereo system with no subwoofer outputs and he explained the benefits of different connectivity options. He was a great at helping me select a subwoofer and linked me to products that displayed certain features we were discussing. Thank you!

Evan, March 25

I had questions about a car amplifier that was discontinued, and he showed me very quickly another one very similar to it. Extremely knowledgeable and professional. All questions were answered quickly and clearly.

Anthony, February 29

I found Rusty to be very knowledgeable and friendly. Thanks!

Benjamin, December 30

What I really liked was that I told him the truck I had, and he threw a package together of the kit, radio, other parts, and instructions tailored for my needs. He made it easy to make the purchase with confidence that I would have everything needed.

James, December 27

Super gentleman. Walked my son and I through picking front speakers for his '98 Chevy Cavalier. Couldn't be more helpful, easy to speak with -- sent us links to the products and found the necessary pieces to make this a GREAT purchase and experience. We are more than impressed. Thank you for being there for us!

Monique, December 24

Excellent representative! Rusty gave me advice regarding a few tools that I would need to perform my car stereo installation. Exceptional service!

Jon, December 14

Rusty was great!! He answered all my questions and found me a better pair of speakers than what I was looking at!! He also alerted me to the specials. Excellent Customer Service!!! Very nice these days!!

Brent, December 10

Advisors like Rusty are the main reason that I've been a Crutchfield customer all these years. Patient listener, deftly steered me to the product which best suited my needs. Kudos!

Alex, November 23

I had plenty of questions which Rusty answered. Thank you for the top notch professional customer service which is the very definition of what Crutchfield is all about.

Chris, November 8

Thank you for all your help. I'm getting my radio installed this week. It is nice to open the box and have everything you need for the installation. Thank you!

Trish , October 26

Helped a lot with finding the best sounding components with the most features for my budget.

John, August 18

Rusty was a knowledgeable, professional advisor and definitely knows how to wade through the multiple questions of an amateur and define the real question, then provide a perfect answer. Mahalo nui loa Rusty!! You are much appreciated!

Jan , August 16

Really cool guy, helped me choose the best car stereo to fit my budget and needs.

Justin, August 7

Rusty is a professional and is very helpful. I just received a thank you post card in the mail... Top notch professional customer service makes all the difference. Thanks again!

jeremy, May 31

Rusty was knowledgeable, friendly, and most helpful. The main reason I am a repeat buyer, is because of fantastic advisors like Rusty.

Joe Santoro, April 10

For a first time buyer Rusty made it easy for me and people like him will definitely keep me coming back to Crutchfield

Derek Smith, October 14

Rusty is very helpful. He took care of my order in just minutes ( I lost my online payment info) and he even contacted the financial services to hook me up. Thanks for your courtesy and polite assistance! I know where to buy electronics now that has real helpful people to support and assists you!

Arman, June 11

Mr Rusty knows his stuff. The most Awesome customer experience I have had in years. Thanks for the good work. Keep it up!

Ray, January 24