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I love being on 2 wheels, spending time with my family, and car audio.

Tech I'm excited about:

Car Audio - Component Speakers, Subwoofers, and Amps!

Favorite TV shows:

Orange is the new black, NCIS and Criminal minds.

Favorite getaway spot:

Gatlinburg, TN.

Best thing about working at Crutchfield:

I actually get to touch the products and get my hands dirty.

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What customers say about Tatum

Wow! Just wow!. My wife will spend hours in the grocery store. But I'm an in and out kinda guy. That's how Tatum was. She got 'er done, baby! Good Job!

Tony, December 20

Went beyond her "job title" to help me with what I needed. Very good employee and was a pleasure to do business with.

Jesse, September 17

Tatum helped me immensely in an items that I was unable to find anywhere else on an obsolete stereo that I bought over a year ago she seemed very knowledgeable and eager to help thank you Tatum!

Greg May, August 21

Tatum is awesome and a pleasure to work with. I've just bought a few things so will be needing answers very soon :)

Jimmy J, August 13

Tatum is the Best!!!!

Mike Bruno, August 6

Ms Tatum was extremely helpful to this shopper with very limited knowledge regarding a home theater system.

Steven, July 23