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Point-and-shoot Cameras

Canon Point-and-shoot Cameras

We carry Canon's full selection of point-and-shoot cameras, so there's one for everyone. Their long-zoom models will let you snap a close-up of your child across a theater or soccer field, and their G-series cameras give you lots of manual options without having to carry around a larger SLR model.

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Canon Camcorders

Do you want to record footage of your child's first steps or highlights from your child's soccer season? Or are you looking for more professional-looking footage and the ability to connect an external microphone? Canon camcorders come in a wide range of models to suit beginners and pros.

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Digital SLR cameras

Canon Digital SLR cameras

Canon's SLR line-up covers a variety of photographic needs. If you're a newbie, check out their Rebel-series cameras for a great entry to SLR shooting. If you're a more experienced photography enthusiast, then their EOS D-series cameras might be for you. They boast higher build quality and are designed for power users.

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Camera Lenses

Canon Lenses

With over 40 different Canon lenses available, we've got you covered for almost any shooting situation — whether you want to capture portraits with a blurred background, close-ups of animals in the wild, or sweeping panoramic shots of a sunset over the mountains.

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Canon Accessories

Canon accessories

From batteries to bags to printers, Canon offers a number of accessories that will help you get more from your camera or camcorder.

70+ years of photographic excellence

Canon History

Starting in a small apartment in Tokyo, Canon released their first camera, the Hansa Canon, in 1935. Their goal was to produce a high-quality Japanese camera, and they succeeded. Since that time, Canon has diversified into other fields and continued to expand their photographic capabilities. Today, Canon's digital imaging equipment is revered as some of the best in the industry and their gear is sold around the world.

Canon & Crutchfield

Canon & Crutchfield

Crutchfield is an authorized dealer of Canon photographic equipment, and recently we've been granted status as a pro-level dealer. This allows us to carry and sell their highest-quality equipment, like their professional camcorders and SLR cameras. We offer high-performance Canon equipment along with our own award-winning service that our customers counted on since 1974.

Using Canon at Crutchfield

Canon & Crutchfield

Canon has been behind Crutchfield's in-house photography for many years. Our photographer uses only Canon cameras and lenses to shoot photos for our award-winning website and catalogs.