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Home Audio

We like to get hands-on with the gear so we can give customers better real-world advice.
Home Audio
Receivers & Amplifiers
Receivers & amplifiers

These components drive your A/V system: home theater and stereo receivers, preamps, amplifiers, and more.Go to products
Home Speakers
Home speakers

From bookshelf speakers, to floor-standing towers and complete 5.1 systems, shop our speaker selection. Go to products
Computer Audio
Computer audio

Get better sound from all your computer audio sources: shop for powered speakers, DACs, and music streamers.Go to products
TV Sound Solutions
TV sound solutions

From popular sound bar speaker systems to pre-matched home theater packages, shop for convenient upgrades to your TV's sound performance.Go to products
Audio Components
Audio components

Shop for music playback sources, from iPods® to CD players and turntables, plus other components to complete your audio system.Go to products
Turntables & Accessories
Turntables & accessories

Breathe new life into your record collection — shop our wide selection of turntables, phono preamps, and cartridges.Go to products
Digital-to-Analog Converters
Digital-to-analog converters

A separate digital-to-analog converter (or "DAC") gives you pristine sound from your CDs or high-res computer audio files.Go to products
Preamps & Power Amps
Preamps & power amps

Get high-end performance from home theater and stereo separates, rather than an all-in-one receiver. Go to products
High-resolution Audio
High-resolution audio

Learn how to get more from your music with lossless, studio-quality digital files and high-res gear.Go to products
Multi-room Audio
Multi-room audio

We carry newer wireless and traditional wired solutions for creating an integrated multi-room music system in your home.Go to products
Smart Home
Smart home

Use your wireless home network to control a range of devices, from lights to appliances to A/V gear.Go to products
Table Radios & Stereo Systems
Table radios & stereo systems

Table radios for your den, kitchen or bedroom, plus systems designed for 2-channel music playback. Go to products
Power Protection
Power protection

Protect your audio/video gear from spikes and surges, and from power anomalies that can undercut your system's performance.Go to products
HDMI Cables
HDMI cables

HDMI cables are the standard way to hook up today's digital audio/video components and TVs.Go to products
Home Remote Controls
Home remote controls

Replace your coffee table full of remotes with a single remote that can do it all.Go to products

You don't need keep your components in a big unwieldy stack — choose from our selection of A/V furniture and give your gear a neat, organized look.Go to products

From portable earbuds to larger noise-canceling models, new headphones help you hear more detail in your music.Go to products
Cables & Installation
Cables & installation

Shop for audio cables, video cables, speaker wire, and other extras to help you get your system set up right.Go to products

The little stuff you sometimes need — from blank discs to batteries.Go to products
Home Safety
Home safety

Products to help you keep your home safe and sound.Go to products

Get the party going with sing-along fun. Shop for Karaoke systems that make your vocals shine.Go to products
Smart Pet
Smart pet

Enhance your pet's life with our curated collection of pet tech productsGo to products
Vacuums & Air Purifiers
Vacuums & air purifiers

High-tech products designed to give you a cleaner, more livable homeGo to products
Trade in Your Gear
Trade in your gear

We've partnered with 2nd Life so you can turn your older electronics into Crutchfield Gift Cards.Go to products
Hot Tub & Spa Audio
Hot tub & spa audio

Radios, speakers, and subs for your hot tub, spa, or pool, along with the installation gear you'll need.Go to products