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2005-2010 Pontiac G6

Upgrading the stereo system in your G6
2005 • 2006 • 2007 • 2008 • 2009 • 2010

Pontiac G6 convertible

Pontiac G6 convertible (Crutchfield Research Photo)

In brief: This Crutchfield Research Garage article gives you an overview of your G6's stock stereo system and your aftermarket upgrade options. We'll tell you all about: 

Then, use our vehicle selector to find the gear that will fit your Pontiac. 

Overview of the Pontiac G6

Pontiac is gone, but its memory lives on in the Firebirds burning rubber at stoplights, the GTOs selling for crazy money during televised car auctions, and, yes, in the G6s that you see tooling around town every day. The G6 isn't a "classic" Pontiac (yet, anyway), but as a parting shot, the grand old brand (est. 1926) could have done a lot worse.

Based on the same platform that underpins the Chevy Malibu Maxx, among other GM products, the G6 is a long, sleek car that, in an interesting flashback to an earlier era of automotive marketing, is available in a variety of body styles and trim levels. From a 4-cylinder base sedan to the performance-oriented GTP coupes and convertibles, the G6 range offers something for nearly everyone. And, thanks to unwarranted worries about "orphan brand syndrome," prices can be quite reasonable.

Pay no attention to the "orphan car" nonsense. It's a Pontiac, not a Peugeot, so parts and/or knowledgeable mechanics should be available until 2073 or so. If you're thinking about installing a new stereo, Crutchfield has the gear  you'll need to keep your G6 rocking for years to come.

Pontiac G6 sedan

Pontiac G6 sedan (Crutchfield Research Photo)

Pontiac G6 coupe

Pontiac G6 coupe (Crutchfield Research Photo)

The factory stereo system

The standard G6 system consisted of an in-dash AM/FM/CD single-disc player with six speakers. XM satellite radio and an MP3 player were added to the package later on. The premium system used the same radio with an 8-speaker Monsoon system. On some 2005-2008 G6 models, the Driver Information Center was built into the radio, so you'll need the right adapter to retain that function and others.

Pontiac G6 dashboard

Getting to the G6's radio takes a bit of work (Crutchfield Research Photo)

Removing the factory radio

Thanks to the G6's marvelously well-integrated dashboard design, getting to the factory receiver is a rather indirect procedure. The job isn't terribly difficult, but you will wind up removing a fair number of plastic panels around the radio before you get to the radio itself. Be patient, take good care of the plastic bits, and be sure to store them safely until you're ready to put them back in the car.

Pontiac G6 radio

Here's a close-up view of the Driver Info Center (Crutchfield Research Photo)

Once you reach the G6's radio cavity, there's plenty of space in the cavity for either a single- or double-DIN receiver. A wide variety of receivers will fit, but there are some things to consider while you're deciding which one to buy.

You'll lose your factory XM satellite radio (if equipped) when you replace the factory radio, but that's easy to remedy with the right aftermarket equipment. If you choose a double-DIN receiver for your 2005-2008 (and some 2009) G6, you'll lose the car's "Driver Information Center" (above), which is housed in the factory radio.

Detailed stereo and speaker removal instructions

MasterSheet image
With step-by-step disassembly instructions and plenty of up-close, detailed photos, our exclusive Crutchfield MasterSheet™ takes the guesswork out of removing the factory stereo and speakers. It's free with your Crutchfield order, or you can purchase one separately for just $9.99.

In the case of some 2009 and all 2010 G6 models, the DIC moved to the dash cluster. When you use our vehicle selector, you'll see the radios that fit your car and everything you need to install one.

For all G6 models, the warning chimes and audible turn signals are built into the factory radio unit. Whether you have the standard system or the Monsoon system, you'll need to purchase an adapter to retain the warning chimes. The adapter will keep the audible safety warnings functioning properly, while also providing a switched 12-volt power source for your new radio. Depending on the adapter, it might even integrate the steering wheel audio controls.

The specific adapters available depend on how your G6 is equipped. Crutchfield strongly recommends that you use one of these adapters, and to help out, we'll give you a very nice discount on the adapter's price when you buy it along with your new stereo.

Tools needed: Panel tool, 7mm socket, ratchet and extension,

Steering wheel audio controls

It's relatively easy to retain the steering wheel audio controls when you install a new stereo in your G6. When you enter your vehicle information, our database will choose the adapter you need to make your factory steering wheel controls work with your new receiver.

Shop for car stereos that fit your Pontiac G6

Removing the factory speakers

Installing a new set of speakers in the G6 isn't without challenges, but it's nothing a reasonably adept DIY-er can't handle. The results, of course, will be totally worth the effort.

Pontiac G6 front door

The G6 convertible's front door (Crutchfield Research Photo)

Front speakers

Whether your G6 has two doors or four, the procedures and possibilities for installing front door speakers are quite similar. You'll need to remove the door panels, which, despite a couple of interesting nuances covered in your Crutchfield MasterSheet™, is relatively uncomplicated. Once you're in, you'll find either a 6-1/2" or 6-3/4" woofer at the base of the door and a set of tweeters up high. A set of aftermarket component speakers would be ideal for any G6 model.

To remove the lower speakers, start by removing the four Phillips or Torx T15 screws (we've seen both) securing the factory speaker. Pull the speaker out, disconnect it, and remove it. At this time, there isn't a speaker wiring harness available for this location, so you'll have to cut off the factory connectors and splice the vehicle's speaker wires to your new speaker wires. An easier option is to use a set of Posi-Tap connectors to tap into the speaker wires without cutting off the connectors.

On the G6 sedan, the tweeters are mounted in the sail panels. On the coupe and convertible, they're mounted on the inside of the door panels (as shown above). Either way, the 1-3/8" diameter factory models are easy to reach and easy to remove. A pair of universal backstraps will make it easier to secure the new tweeters.

Tools needed: Panel tool, Phillips screwdriver, flat-blade screwdriver, Torx T15 and T30 drivers

Note: Some convertible models include a mid-range speaker. We have not researched this location at this time, but we welcome your input and, if possible, photos.

Pontiac G6 rear deck speakers

Pontiac G6 sedan rear deck speakers (Crutchfield Research Photo)

Rear speakers

The degree of difficulty involved in replacing the rear speakers on the G6 depends entirely on the type of G6 you're working with. The convertible is relatively easy, but the sedan and coupe involve varying (but similar) amounts of rear seat and trim removal. It's not hard, but it is labor-intensive, so make sure you've cleared out plenty of time for the job. Your Crutchfield MasterSheet contains illustrated instructions for all three models.  

On Monsoon-equipped sedans and coupes, the amp sends bass and treble frequencies to the speakers through separate sets of wires. To get full-range sound, you'll need to install an aftermarket stereo and bypass the factory amp, which is located in the right rear of the trunk.

Pontiac G6 coupe rear deck

If your G6 has a roof, the rear speakers are in the rear deck. This is the coupe. (Crutchfield Research Photo)

Coupe: On the G6 coupe, the rear deck speaker replacement process is bit more involved, but not unbearably so. Your MasterSheet explains the ins and outs of getting your old speakers out and your new ones in. A variety of 5-1/4", 6-1/2", or 6"x9" speakers will fit in the rear deck of Monsoon-equipped coupes, but you'll need to splice the wires or use connectors when you install the aftermarket models.

We have not yet researched a coupe equipped with the standard system. Based on the sedan, however, we're confident that a variety of 5-1/4", 6-1/2" or 6"x9" speakers will fit.

Sedan: The sedan, regardless of system, was equipped with 6"x9" rear deck speakers, which can be replaced by same-size aftermarket models or, with the help of the discounted brackets available with your Crutchfield speaker purchase, 5-1/4" or 6-12" models. A wiring harness is available for vehicles equipped with the standard stereo, but you'll need to splice the wiring or use a set of Posi-Products connectors to hook everything up in a Monsoon-equipped car.

Pontiac G6 convertible speakers

On the G6 convertible, the speakers are in the rear side panels (Crutchfield Research Photo)

Convertible: Your G6 convertible (technically, a retractable hardtop) has a pair of rear speakers located behind grilles in the rear seat side panels. They're pretty easy to get to, and they can be replaced with a number of 6-3/4", 5-1/4", or 6-1/2" speakers. G6 convertibles have the Monsoon system, but unlike the sedan and coupe, these speakers are not bi-amped, so you won't have to replace the radio or bypass the factory amplifier.

To remove them, start on the sides and pry out the edges of the speaker grille panel to release the retaining clips. Flex the panel in the middle to clear the clips on the top and bottom as you remove it.

Remove the four Phillips screws securing the speaker, pull it out and disconnect the wiring plug. Again, you'll need to splice the wiring or use a set of connectors.

A speaker adapter bracket is available at a discount with your order. Depending on the speaker you're installing, you may need to modify this bracket by grinding off some material with a rotary tool.

Tools needed (depending on body style): Panel tool, Phillips screwdriver, flat-blade screwdriver, ratchet and extension, and 1/4", 7mm, 13mm, and/or 18mm sockets

Shop for speakers that fit your Pontiac G6

Pontiac G6 sedan trunk

The G6 sedan has plenty of trunk space for your subwoofers; the convertible (shown) does not (Crutchfield Research Photo)

Bass in your Pontiac G6

The G6 sedans and coupes offer a healthy amount of trunk space. The sedan's trunk offers 40" W x 13" H x 34"/38" D of space for a subwoofer box, while the coupe gives you a similar amount of space. That's plenty of room for an amplifier and a subwoofer box.

The convertible is a different story. That retractable hardtop has to go somewhere, and that somewhere is the trunk. Measured below the top's safety cover, there's a mere 39" W x 5" H x 11"/11" D of room back there. Thankfully, there are some compact powered subs to choose from, so you'll be able to add powerful bass to your G6 convertible.

Other options for your G6

Here are some other suggestions on ways to improve your Pontiac G6:

iPod® and satellite radio adapters

If you don't want to replace the factory receiver, you can still add versatility and great sound to the system. We offer several adapters that will allow you to use an iPod, MP3 player, or satellite radio with the factory radio.


With its long wheelbase and slippery body, the G6 is reasonably quiet as it is. But if you really want to get the best performance out of your stereo, you should consider a Dynamat 10435 Xtreme Door Kit. This heavy-duty insulating material is easy to install, and it really makes a difference. One kit should take care of a 2-door G6 or the front doors on a sedan. If you install an aftermarket subwoofer, you might want to line the trunk lid as well.

Remote start and security systems

Adding remote start capability to your vehicle lets you warm it up in the winter or cool it down in the summer. The iDatastart system is incredibly convenient and makes it easier than ever to install a remote start system, so we highly recommend it. The module requires a vehicle-specific T-harness (sold separately) to connect with your vehicle's computer, security, and ignition systems, so we ask that you call to order so that we can make sure you get the right harness for your ride.

You can also talk to your Crutchfield Advisor about a security system. They’re not as easy to install (we usually suggest letting a professional do the job), but we can help you choose a system that’ll work in your vehicle.

Let's get started!

Ready to shop? Use our vehicle selector to find the gear that will fit your car or truck. If you have questions, give us a shout via phone, chat, or email

  • Caden Ashford from Chula

    Posted on 12/27/2020

    I'm replacing the head unit in my girlfriends 2005 Pontiac g6 sedan, and I get the new pioneer radio/head unit plugged in with the wiring harness and turn it on, it works, but i lose all function in the gauge clusters, the speedometer don't work, odometer doesn't work, nothing on the dash will work, but the car will still start and drive, the security system light does pop up on the dash next to where the engine light is... curious if maybe I need to get the interface harness to retain the chimes and stuff to fix this issue. Not sure and don't want to spend 50-100$ bucks on another harness and it still not work

    Commenter image

    Jon Paul from Crutchfield

    on 12/29/2020

    Caden, With questions like that, it's always better to have a conversation with a real live human. If you bought your gear from Crutchfield, you can call Tech Support for free help troubleshooting your system.
  • brandon L daniel from summerfield

    Posted on 11/7/2020

    i have the 2007 g6 gt convertible and wanted to know if i wasnt going to uses the top if i could possibly get a bigger sub

    Commenter image

    Jon Paul from Crutchfield

    on 11/9/2020

    Brandon, With questions like that, it's always better to have a conversation with a real live human. Give us a call and talk to one of our advisors. We can help you choose the right gear and give you the right advice on how to install it.
  • Gilad Zvi from Mequon

    Posted on 8/25/2020

    How much dynamat or hushmat should I install in my front doors if there's already 2 layers of insulation covering the majority of the inside of both doors (foam and a cotton-like material)? The insulation from hushmat or dynamat is probably much better than the stock sound insulation. I bought two 1.4 square foot sheets of hushmat, as well as an nvx xbaf65 baffle kit. Should that do it?

    Commenter image

    Jon Paul from Crutchfield

    on 10/19/2020

    Gilad, That should be enough to make an audible difference.
  • Vasanth

    Posted on 8/1/2020

    I have a 2008 g6 pontiac and the speakers don't work, I am looking to replace those. I came across a set of used speakers JBL LC-S960 (6" x 9"). But I am wondering whether this will fit. Any advise?

    Commenter image

    Jon Paul from Crutchfield

    on 8/3/2020

    Vansanth, I don't have any specs handy on those speakers, but theoretically, 6"x9" speakers will work in the rear deck. If they don't, enter your vehicle's info into our Outfit My Car tool. You'll see which stereos and speakers fit your car. If you have any questions, our advisors are available via phone or chat.
  • Gary Stanton from Shipshawana

    Posted on 7/29/2020

    I have a 2006 G6 GTP 2 door. It seems like the factory head unit has all of the vehicle information on it...gas mileage, oil life, ect. Is there any upgraded head units out there that allow me to keep this option? Or will I loose it if I upgrade?

    Commenter image

    Jon Paul from Crutchfield

    on 7/30/2020

    Gary, Only if you choose a double-DIN receiver. With 2005-2008 (and some 2009) G6 models, you will lose the car's "Driver Information Center" when you go with a larger receiver. But a single-DIN will be fine. I've sent your question to our sales team, and they'll be contacting you via email soon. For immediate help, you can contact them via phone or chat.
  • Kevin D from Davenport Iowa

    Posted on 4/15/2020

    I have a 2006 g6 GTP Coupe with Monsoon stereo. I want to be able to play music from my phone. I am not willing to sacrifice the drivers information center. Please reccomend bluetooth options or auxilary plug options for me. Thanks!

    Commenter image

    Jon Paul from Crutchfield

    on 4/16/2020

    Kevin, I've sent your question to our sales team, and they'll be contacting you via email soon. For immediate help, you can contact them via phone or chat.
  • Joshua

    Posted on 1/14/2020

    I have a 2008 g6 sedan, I've replaced all 6 factory speakers and added a 50 rms @4 ohms 4 channel amp. The rear 6x9s seem to be much louder than the door panel 6.5s. I had a thought that this might be because there is only a front speaker positive and negative (not individual wires for the tweeters and the 6.5s), meaning the power might be split between the tweeter and the 6.5s, cutting the the 6.5s to 25 rms. Is this correct? The aftermarket 6.5s are 2 way, and the 6x9s are 3 way, so it wouldn't be a problem if I disconnected the tweeters if it would a more equal sound between the front and rear.

    Commenter image

    Buck Pomerantz from Crutchfield

    on 1/15/2020

    Joshua, Usually, in this kind of situation, front-to-rear balance would be restored by either lowering the amp gain of the rear channels, or adjusting the fade control of the receiver. I think the volume difference you're hearing is due to the sensitivity differences between the speakers. Power doesn't split itself neatly in half between a tweeter and woofer of a component set - it depends on what's playing. For a cymbal crash, all the power goes to the tweeter. For a bass drum thump, all the power goes to the woofer.
  • Kirk

    Posted on 9/12/2019

    in a 2008 Pontiac G6, it has been mentioned that the factory radio contains the warning chimes, but where does the actual warning chime sound come from? I have heard a door speaker and others say the chime speaker behind the speedometer.

  • Cecilia Randazzo from North Tustin

    Posted on 7/2/2019

    I have an 06 Pontiac G6 convertible withte standard monsoon system . I want to retain the stock system and I'm looking for a simple aux add-on or a Bluetooth adapter . I was told there should be an input for a multi-disc player, but i did want to start disassembling the car searching for an internet fable. Can you assist?

    Commenter image

    Jon Paul from Crutchfield

    on 7/3/2019

    Cecilia, We can help with that. I've sent your question to our sales team, and they'll be contacting you via email soon. For immediate help, you can contact them via phone or chat.
  • John Ray from Bay Springs

    Posted on 6/9/2019

    Can I install an aftermarket stereo without the DIC? it's not that important to me since I don't use it anyway. I'm kids old school mechanic and chance my oil every 3000 miles and also not worried about door charms or the alarms since my key fob hasn't worked in years

    Commenter image

    Jon Paul from Crutchfield

    on 6/10/2019

    John, In some cases, yes, but if depends on the model year and some other things. But for all G6 models, the warning chimes and audible turn signals are built into the factory radio, so you'll need an adapter to retain the warning chimes. The specific adapter depends on how your G6 is equipped, but Crutchfield strongly recommends that you use one of these adapters -- so much so that we actually won't offer tech support if you don't use it. Of course, we'll give you a very nice discount on the adapter when you buy it along with your new stereo.
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