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Best Blu-ray players for 2018

Our expert's top picks, plus some shopping tips

In this article: Our list of best Blu-ray players for 2018...

  1. Oppo UDP-203
  2. Sony UBP-X800
  3. Sony BDP-S3700
  4. Oppo UDP-205

... with links to hundreds of customer reviews. We wrap things up with our 2018 Blu-ray player buying tips.

Update April, 2018:  After we published this article, Oppo announced in a blog post that they will no longer manufacture blu-ray players. We'll have a new "best of" list soon.

Back in 2015, it seemed like Blu-ray players were on their way out. I pitched them as an “affordable, alternative way to stream Netflix to your TV.” Today, Blu-ray players are back in demand.


Because 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray players offer the best possible picture available. People want to see what their 4K TVs can really do. And because standard Blu-ray players are more affordable than ever. If you want to play your old discs or Redbox rentals, they're well worth the price.

Our top picks

Oppo UDP-203

Oppo UDP-203 — Best in Show

You can credit this heavy-duty 4K Blu-ray player for the resurgence in popularity of disc spinners. Sadly, it is no longer available — see the note at the the beginning of this article.

So what made this machine so great?

For starters, Oppo included arguably the best video processor ever available. It supports both HDR 10 and Dolby Vision formats.

The audio is first rate, too. A built-in premium 8-channel DAC can squeeze out the finest musical detail from high-resolution tracks. Plus there are outputs galore — both digital and analog — for connecting to a receiver, preamp, or amplifier.

Sony's UBP-X800

Sony UBP-X800 — Best budget 4K Blu-ray player

The Sony UBP-X800 isn’t quite as loaded as the Oppo, but for the money there’s a lot of value here. It delivers an excellent 4K picture and serves up the vivid color array that make Sony 4K TVs pop.

Sony also loaded this player with better audio capabilities than other similarly priced players. You can play high-res music files or stream Spotify and Pandora.

There’s even a Bluetooth transmitter that will send sound wirelessly to a pair of Bluetooth headphones – great for late night movie watching.

This player also has dual-band Wi-Fi and can stream Netflix and Amazon Prime video in 4K. That’s something the Oppo won’t do.

Sony BDP-S3700

Sony BDP-S3700 — Best budget-priced standard player

Haven’t gone 4K yet? Still want a great picture for your HDTV?

The Sony BDP-S3700 provides a great 1080p picture. It will even play – and upconvert – your old DVD collection.

It costs about the same as our cheapest Roku and offers access to many of the most popular streaming services. That includes Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant, YouTube, and MLB.TV.

This player is much more compact than the others on this list – Sony didn’t even include a front-panel display. Also, the plastic disc tray is not nearly as sturdy as the higher-end players. But you do get a lot of bang for your buck.

Oppo UDP-205

Oppo UDP-205 — Best 4K Blu-ray player for audiophiles

Oppo’s top-of-the-line player includes the same video processor as their UDP-203. But it takes the sonic features up another level.

Want the best of the best for audio? Look inside:

Oppo UDP-205 inside build

The DACs are upgraded and doubled, audio connections are added, and a hockey puck-sized torodioal power supply has been dropped inside.

Just how impressive is this 22 lb. beast of a machine? Our television expert – and longtime sound aficionado – Steve Kindig took a deeper dive under the hood:

Blu-ray player buying tips

Do you have a 4K or OLED TV? You DEFINITELY want a 4K Blu-ray player – like I said, it gives you the best picture.

Planning on getting one soon? It is worth purchasing a 4K player now. A 4K player can display DVD and standard Blu-ray discs on a 1080p screen.

Comparison of compact versus full-sized Bluray Players

The compact Sony BDP-S3700 player shown on top of the robust Oppo UDP-203.

Form factor

Larger players work well in serious home theater setups, but there are also extremely compact Blu-ray players. They can fit neatly into tight places, like a bedroom or smaller TV setup.

Want to stream movies, shows, and music?

You can play Netflix or Amazon Prime video on most new TVs. But if you need a way to stream to your projector (or older TV), many Blu-ray players will do the trick.

Some players require a wired Ethernet connection, while others work over Wi-Fi®. The streaming services vary. Check the product descriptions for details.


All Blu-ray players have an HDMI output to connect the player to your TV or receiver. But if you’re going to connect it to an audio system without HDMI connections, look for a player with dedicated audio outputs.

Oppo UDP-205 inputs and outputs

The Oppo UDP-205 offers both digital and analog audio outputs for connecting to high-performance or professional audio gear.

Get a better picture from your streaming device

Some high-end players also feature a 4K/HDR-ready HDMI input. You’ll find this extra HDMI port on the back of both Oppo players and the stellar Cambridge Audio CXUHD.

You can connect a cable box, Apple TV, or Roku and get a better picture by running its signal through the Blu-ray player's top-notch video processor.

My editor Jim Ralston told me, "When I got a new OLED TV, the compressed HD signal from my cable company looked a little off - blurry even."

He purchased the Oppo UDP-203 player and connected his cable box to the HDMI input. He noticed an uptick in picture quality for shows and ballgames. "It seemed to lift a layer of noise off the top," he said, "and add more richness to colors."

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