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Sound Ordnance B-24 Subwoofer - The YouTube Review

Sound Ordnance M-2250Last week I posted JustPlaneRC's YouTube video where he unboxed his pair of Sound Ordnance™ B-24 subwoofers. Cool as it was, I agreed with a commenter that we wanted to see the things in action.

Four days later, SO2250B24 (yep, that's his account name) did just that with his Sound Ordnance YouTube video post.

SO2250B24 had installed a Sound Ordnance M-2250 2-channel amp as well as the B-24 subwoofers, and his video gives a pretty good indication of what they can do. Here's a guy who knows his stuff. He made sure the speakers were broken in before doing the video, so you get a pretty good idea of how they'll actually perform. And, since we can't be there to experience it in person, he's come up with some innovative ways to demo the sub. Like making the garage door vibrate at 2:31. And the paper test at 3:16. Well done, SO2250B24!

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