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Crutchfield: Canon PowerShot N Digital Camera



Canon's PowerShot N digital camera features a fresh new design, with a tilting screen, no traditional shutter button, plus built-in Wi-Fi® for easy photo sharing. The wide-angle lens zooms optically to 8X, giving you a wide range of shooting options, from large-scale landscapes to tight close-ups with no image degradation. And optical image stabilization ensures crisp, blur-free photos. Check it out at the Canon booth at CES 2013.

Video Transcript

Ben: Yeah. This is our brand new PowerShot N digital camera, and what makes this product really stand out is its unique design. N means all new — new way of shooting, new design concept. When you take a look at it, take a look at the top. You don't see a shutter button or a zoom lever on top. It's not your traditional camera, right?

You'll notice here that the camera actually has a zoom ring right here where you can move it left to right to zoom in and out, and this top ring which is your shutter button. You actually push down to take a picture. It has a two press. It has a half press and full press. And you can actually rotate the camera the other way too and take the pictures the same way. Zoom in here and your shutter button here. So, you can hold it however way you like for added flexibility.

Also you'll notice the screen. This screen right here, it's a 2.8-inch capacitive tilt screen. So you can tilt the screen up, rotate the camera 180 degrees, take low shots, high shots, overhead shots, have fun with the camera. It's all about having fun, about being creative.

Also talking about creative, we have a new creative mode right here. It is a switch. It's called "Creative Shot". And what that allows you to do is take your shot, your original shot, and then the camera will automatically create five unique shots from that original shot. It does it intelligently and it uses "Scene Analysis" technology, so if I take a picture of you it will then apply cropping, color, lighting, all different filters, to the camera for you automatically to your pictures. And then if I shoot a sunset it's gonna be five unique other filters. It's not gonna always be the same filters. It's based on the scenes.

Also, this camera is all about image quality. Let's not forget that. It features a powerful, 8X optical zoom lens, right. It has a high-sensitivity 12 megapixel sensor. DIGIC 5, the latest processor, is gonna give you great low light performance, great optical performance, all in a compact size. It weighs less than seven ounces and it's about a little over one inch thick.

Zak: Wow. That's fantastic. Thanks Ben. That's the PowerShot N from Canon.