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Frank H's 2003 Hyundai Santa Fe

Items installed:

Installation Description

Installation for the Head Unit and Speakers was effortless with all the added assistance you receive from Crutchfield with every order.

Q&A Section

Why did you decide to upgrade your A/V system?

OEM system wasn't cutting the mustard anymore

What's the first thing you show people about your installation?

Of course the Head Unit

Why did you choose these products?

Price, brand, user ratings and comments

What was the most difficult part of the installation?

Getting the driver side door panel off, it has never been removed in the 8 years of owning it

What plans, if any, do you have for future upgrades?

Upgrading rear speakers to a component system and adding a sub

My 2003 Santa Fe My 2003 Santa Fe
Kenwood KDC-HD545U Kenwood KDC-HD545U
Pioneer Premier TS-A502C Pioneer Premier TS-A502C speakers
OEM removal OEM removal
new speakers Pioneer Premier TS-A502C in the door
after installation Was able to maintain 100% OEM look after install
me Yep that's me

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