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Rob T's 2007 Honda Civic EX

Rob, a trainer in Crutchfield's Customer Service department, wanted to listen to his iPod® in the car and decided that the best way to do that was to get a new stereo. Now, iPod control is just one of the benefits he enjoys with the Sony CDX-GT640UI in his dash.

photo name Rob can stash his iPod in a convenient spot, and control it with his new stereo.

Items installed:

Q&A Section

What model of iPod do you have?

iPod nano® 8GB

Does your Sony stereo require an adapter for iPod control?

No, I can just use the USB cable that came with my iPod.

How easy is it to navigate files on your iPod using the stereo's controls?

Simple. I just plug in, and I can select music by Artist, Album, Genre, and song title with the press of a button. The controls are intuitive. I had no problems setting the clock, adjusting the equalizer, getting rid of the demo display, changing the illumination, etc. I liked how easy it was to use the iPod through the stereo. I just plugged it in and my music was playing. Awesome.

Prior to installing this stereo, how did you play your iPod in the car?

I didn't. In fact, I used to have an alternative MP3 player which died after 2+ years of honorable service. Before that I just listened to CDs in the car.

Notice any difference in the sound with this new stereo?

Absolutely — the highs and lows are much more defined. And I can tweak the sound a lot better than before.

Rob in his Civic Rob's all smiles thanks to his new car stereo.

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