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JBL Reflect Aware headphones

Dial in just the right amount of noise reduction

Sometimes it's nice to block out ambient noise, but there are times when you also need to hear what's going on around you. The JBL Reflect Aware in-ear noise-canceling headphones let you dial in just enough ambient noise to keep you aware of your surroundings, while still reducing the din of the world around you. They also feature an Apple Lightning connection, so these are ready for the new breed of iPhone that does away with the headphone jack.

Video Transcript

The JBL Reflect Aware headphones are sport earbuds with adaptive noise cancellation. These headphones connect to your phone or player using an Apple Lightning cable, instead of a standard minijack cable. The Lightning connection powers the JBLs, so you don't have to worry about battery life or extra weight. These headphones are built for working out, and the compact size is comfortable and great for long listening sessions.

The Reflect Aware headphones are compatible with any Apple device using a Lightning connection and running iOS 9 and above. Adaptive noise cancellation requires power, so that has traditionally meant that manufacturers have to build a battery, or space for a battery, into the headphones. These Reflect Awares are much lighter and less bulky because they don't require a battery, the headphones get power from your device.

JBL also has a free Apple App that lets you control the level of noise cancellation, depending on your environment, and adjust the EQ for your preferences. For example, you could turn noise cancellation all the way up when you're on an airplane, and then turn it down a bit while you're navigating a crowded airport and want to hear what's happening around you.

JBL designed these headphones with working out in mind. The earbuds are super comfortable and include 6 pairs of eartips so you can find the right fit. They're completely sweat-proof and the 4-foot-long lightning cable is reflective for added safety. In-line controls let you control your music and answer phone calls without touching your iPhone, so you don't have to interrupt your workout. These earbuds are available in 4 colors, Red, Blue, Teal, and Black.

We love the great features and technology packed in to the JBL Reflect Awares. The lightning connection provides adjustable noise cancellation and control, while keeping the size and weight down. Just remember that these headphones do not use a standard 1/8" minijack connection, so you'll need a lightning-equipped Apple device.

If you have any questions about these or other headphones, just give Crutchfield a call. Thanks!