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Vibration Damping FAQ

Q: Do I have to cover the entire interior of my car to get any real improvement in sound?

A: No, you don't need to cover every inch of your car with damping material. The strategic way to do it is to target the problem areas in your particular car. For example, using a door kit for your speakers can help a lot by eliminating speaker resonance within the door.

That said, the more of your car that you do insulate with vibration damping material, the quieter the cabin will be when you're driving. And the quieter the inside of the car is, the better your music will sound because it doesn't have to compete with all the road noise.

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Q: What's the best way to dampen the rattle caused by my subwoofers?

A: If you have a loud subwoofer system, damping the inside of your trunk will make a tremendous difference. Don't worry, it won't block the bass, just the vibrations traveling through the metal. These vibrations are what cause the rattles and resonance you hear when your bass hits. And for a little detailing, you'd be surprised how much rattle can be removed from your car by getting Dynamat's License Frame Kit.

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Q: I don't listen to my music very loud. Is it still worthwhile for me to get some Dynamat?

A: If you like playing your music at low volumes, then you can definitely benefit from installing some Dynamat. By reducing the ambient noise levels in your car, you will hear more detail and fullness in your music, even at low volumes.

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