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Mobile Installation Videos

Whether you're a bit wary of installing car A/V components by yourself, or just want to see what's involved, now you can see exactly what's involved in installing components. We've filmed typical installations of several basic audio components — an in-dash receiver, a pair of car speakers, an amplifier, a satellite radio antenna, and Dynamat.

To enjoy these short videos, you'll need a high-speed Internet connection and Microsoft's Windows Media Player (Version 7 or later), and a computer with sound to hear the narration.

Car Stereo Installation Video
Watch the basic installation of a car stereo.
Car Speaker Installation
Watch the installation of a pair of car speakers in the front doors, a common factory speaker location.
Car Amplifier Installation
Watch the installation of a 2-channel amplifier in a trunk location.
Mobile Video Installation
Watch the installation of several types of mobile video systems.
Car Satellite Antenna Installation
Learn several different ways you can install a satellite antenna on your car.
Dynamat Installation
Watch the installation of Dynamat sound-dampening material in the front doors.
Satellite Plug-And-Play Installation
How to take satellite radio everywhere you go.

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