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Video: JVC KD-AHD39 CD Receiver with HD Radio

Heads up!

Welcome to this article from the Crutchfield archives. Have fun reading it, but be aware that the information may be outdated and links may be broken.

Ken and Zak, Crutchfield car stereo experts, discuss some of the cool features of the JVC KD-AHD39 CD receiver. The built-in HD Radio tuner makes it one of our most popular car stereos.

Read video transcript

Zak: Hi, I'm Zak.

Ken: And I'm Ken. Today, we're going to be looking at the JVC Arsenal KD-AHD39 CD receiver. It also is a CD receiver with an HD Radio tuner built in. This is a popular model with a lot of our customers. It gets an average rating of four and a half out of five stars, and we've sold a lot of them. One of the main reasons people get it is for that HD Radio tuner. What can you tell me about HD Radio?

Zak: Well Ken, HD Radio is great. When stations broadcast an HD Radio signal, it's a digital signal and it allows them to increase the sound quality by a lot. They also have the ability to send multiple streams of content to the same frequency, so you've got secondary channels that you can listen to right on the same place on the dial. And they have the ability to send text and information, — song titles, artists, albums, things like that — or anything that they really want to. You can see we're getting a little bit more here.

Ken: Right, that's more than you'd normally see on a radio display.

Zak: Yeah, we're not getting the greatest signal here in the Crutchfield Video Studio today, but we're still getting something else.

Ken: That's nice. So you say it's got multiple channels — they call that multicasting, right?

Zak: Yep.

Ken: Yeah, and FM's nearly as good as CD, and AM's about as good as FM used to be, right?

Zak: That's right.

Ken: Pretty impressive. One of the features I like about this is what's called SRS Circle Surround. Now, you access that just by pressing this little button here. SRS Circle Surround takes a two-channel source like HD Radio or CD and splits it up around the four speakers in your car. It gives you an enveloping sound field. Especially in a car, a nice controlled environment like that, it really sounds good. Makes you feel like you're right in the middle of the action. It also has what's called an amplifier gain control. The amplifier gain control limits power output. If you're using factory speakers, you might not want to drive them with too much power — that'll tamp down the amplifier a little bit.

Zak: Sounds great, Ken. And it's a nice-looking radio, too. It's well laid out controls. It's got your tuner here, volume knob, a handy front aux input for connecting another player. And one of the greatest things really is this little attenuate button. So if you're going through a drive-thru or just need the sound down in a pinch, then it's a great thing to have.

Ken: It is a good feature. I've had radios with and without and when I don't have it, I always want it. It's a good feature to have. Well, that's it. It's the JVC Arsenal KD-AHD39 CD receiver with built-in HD Radio tuner.