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Video: Kenwood KDC-X592

Crutchfield experts, Ken and Zak, take a look at the Kenwood KDC-X592 CD receiver.

Video Transcript

Zak: Hi, I'm Zak.

Ken: And I'm Ken. Today, we're going to be looking at the Kenwood Excelon KDC-X592 CD receiver. What do you get with a Kenwood Excelon model versus a Kenwood?

Zak: Well, with the Excelon line you get more detailed sound because it's got a premium 24-bit digital-to-analog converter. You also get a high-voltage pre-amp outputs and a two-year warranty.

Ken: That's a nice set of features. You know, what I like about this piece is the look. I love the style. You've got this kind of neon trim, a fluorescent display, you've got this detailed dot matrix. I like it. It's glitzy but it's not Las Vegas.

Zak: Yeah, and it's really easy to skip around sources and do just about anything on this. The USB input actually has built-in iPod control, and we've got an iPod hooked up today. And it allows you to control the iPod right from the stereo. And it's a very fast connection. You can see how easy it is to scroll between playlists, artists, albums, and so on.

Ken: And a USB input gives you the best sound quality, too, versus a standard auxiliary input.

Zak: Oh yeah, absolutely.

Ken: A lot else about this model. You can add on a Bluetooth adapter so you can do hands free calls. It's got a built-in auxiliary input also, and you mentioned a USB input. You don't have to hook an iPod up. You can put on a USB thumb drive or maybe even a small hard disk drive as well.

Zak: There's actually another model in this line. It's the KDC-X692. It's got all the same great features here. It's also an Excelon model, but it has a flip-down face and, if you can believe it, an even better display.

Ken: I'd like to see that. Well, this one looks pretty good to me. It's the Kenwood Excelon KDC-X592.

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