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Video: Alpine IVA-W205 receiver

Robert and Ken, Crutchfield car stereo experts, illustrate some of the cool features of Alpine's IVA-W205 receiver.

Video Transcript

Robert: Hi, I'm Robert. This is Ken. And today we have Alpine's IVA-W205 in-dash DVD receiver. What do you think?

Ken: I think I've seen this song and dance before. It's a DVD player. You know, it's double size. You watch movies.

Robert: Bigger screen.

Ken: What else does it do?

Robert: Well, it's a full-function receiver, but if you need a little something else, check this out.

Ken: Oh, it looks like it's a navigation piece, too.

Robert: That's right.

Ken: Lets you get in here.

Robert: It's loading up.

Ken: Pulls up a map. Okay, well that's nice.

Robert: Double size navigation capability. I guess you've seen that before, too.

Ken: Anything that really distinguishes this beyond another one?

Robert: Yes indeed. We open up the screen here, give this button a push.

Ken: Do you have an 8-track in there or something?

Robert: That's what it looks like, but no. It's better than that. It's Alpine's Blackbird 2 portable navigator.

Ken: I get it. The navigation is in there. You can navigate while you're in the car, and then when you want to take it into a different car, walk around a different city, rental car — you use that.

Robert: Right, you're not tied to your vehicle with the navigation.

Ken: Oh, it's like two for the price of one.

Robert: Exactly. And when it's inside, when the navigator is in the unit, all the navigation functionality is controlled from the receiver itself. They're totally integrated.

Ken: Nice. What's it do as far as entertainment?

Robert: Well, it'll play CDs, DVDs, also MP3, WMA, and AAC files on disc — either a CD or a DVD.

Ken: Carry a lot of music that way.

Robert: Exactly. And of course, you can add iPod capability to it.

Ken: Can you put the iPod into the slot?

Robert: Not yet. But we'll talk to Alpine. For now, though, you have to add Alpine's iPod adapter. Plug it up to the back, and then you get full iPod control from the touchscreen.

Ken: Well, it looks it really does do a lot. I'm impressed.

Robert: It does. It's a nice set. And again, they're the IVA-W205 in-dash DVD receiver paired with the Blackbird 2, also from Alpine. They're available separately or together as a package.

Ken: Save a few bucks, right?

Robert: Exactly.

Ken: Nice.

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