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Video: JL Audio CleanSweep®

A sound processor that cleans up a factory stereo's response

Crutchfield's car audio experts, Ken and Robert, take a look at the JL Audio CleanSweep sound processor.

Video Transcript

Ken: Here's what I was talking about — the JL Audio CleanSweep.

Robert: Ah. A little magic box. How's it work? What's it do?

Ken: Yep, that's your black box, all right. The CleanSweep takes the sound that's coming from the factory stereo, and makes a flat signal. Flat doesn't really sound that good, but what we mean by that is that it takes out all the peaks and valleys that the factory radio has in there to compensate for bad speakers, and gives you a pure sound you can send back to the amplifiers.

Robert: All right, and how difficult is installation? I see it's tucked away over here.

Ken: Yeah, here it is installed. There's only a few things you really have to do. You have to get output for the factory radio — these are the speaker wire outputs, they're just hooked into here — and the output comes through out of these RCA cables and goes back to the amplifier. And power, ground, it's just tapped off the back of the factory radio.

Robert: So it's all connected to the factory stereo's outputs; it's not actually interfering with anything the factory stereo is doing, it's just taking the sound that comes out of it and cleaning that up.

Ken: Exactly. Like Lex said, he's getting aftermarket sound from a factory radio and it's not interfering with any other electronics in the car.

Robert: Great. And what about setup, was that difficult?

Ken: Setup was easy, thanks to this. JL Audio provides a disc. Once you set up — put everything together, you put the disc in, the CleanSweep analyzes what it hears, sets it up, you don't have to touch a switch.

Robert: All right, sounds pretty simple.

Ken: Lex said that was the easiest part of the whole process.

Robert: That's good to hear.


    Posted on 8/20/2018

    you forgot the part to were you have to get a signal back to your speakers .. lol

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