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Video: BDI Valera A/V furniture

Bill Becker, founder and CEO of BDI, talks about the special features of the BDI Valera audio/video furniture line. The open design keeps your components visible, and some models have a swiveling stand so you can easily turn your TV.

Video Transcript

Bill Becker:

Hi. I'm Bill Becker. I'm the CEO and founder of BDI. At BDI we're a design driven company so we really focus on how do we improve on products, how do we innovate, and how do we create something better.

Valera was a challenging product to engineer because you have a very wide span that needs to support the TV, and so we have to use steel in Valera. Even though it's a wood stand, it has steel incorporated into the structure. And the Valera stands are very sculptural. They really take advantage of the qualities of wood. Most of the Valera units also swivel and Valera allows you to orient your TV to whoever is watching it.

We really want to make sure that the product that we produce is aligned with who we are as a company and so we're very focused on quality and we make sure that at all parts of the production of our furniture the people that are involved in it also are aligned with that core value of sweating the details.