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Video: Bose® Companion® 20 multimedia speaker system

Zach, Sr. Director of direct marketing at Crutchfield, tries out the Bose® Companion® 20 multimedia speaker system at his desk and tells us what he thinks.

Video Transcript

Zach: This week I had an opportunity to try out the Bose Companion 20. I wanted to share a little bit about that experience with you.

I have it hooked into an iPad here. I've been listening to music, mostly through Pandora. Sound is great. I'm used to computer speakers where we have a separate sub, but even when I occasionally get a track with a little more bass in there, they've done very well for me so I've been happy with that.

One of my favorite features has been the control pod. It's a really convenient way to adjust volume or mute your music. I have a lot of people coming in and out of the office each day, also the phone ringing a lot. If you have to open up your computer settings to adjust volume, or if you're going to the iPad to adjust volume, even though it's not hard, it takes you, it just takes you a second. This is at a hand's reach. It's very simple just to mute quickly if you need to answer the phone. There's a headphone input. There's also a line in if I decided to bring my iPod from home. Haven't used that yet, but it's really nice that they have it.

So set up for this is very simple. Folks dropped a box off on my desk and left me with it to hook it up. I did it in a couple of minutes right before heading out to lunch. Speakers plug into each other, plug into the control pad, plugs into the wall. Again, takes, takes a couple of minutes and you're listening to music. Nothing complicated here.

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