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Video: Clarion Intelligent VOICE

The power of Google search, in your dash

Clarion's Intelligent VOICE™ software, found in their NX604 navigation receiver, delivers relevant results quickly and with less input information than most other voice-recognition platforms on the road, thanks to incorporated Google Voice technology. You can use natural language to ask for a search, and the receiver will find close matches based on up-to-date Google searches.

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Video Transcript

The Clarion NX604 receiver features a cool new technology — Clarion's Intelligent VOICE, powered by Google. It's voice control that lets you talk to your receiver like you talk to a passenger. If you're in a new town and you're hungry, just say "Find me a nearby Mexican restaurant."

"Find nearby Mexican restaurant."

And the receiver will pull up a list of possibilities. Select one, and the receiver smoothly transitions to GPS, giving you step-by-step directions. To save time, Intelligent VOICE also gives you a list of options after you speak so you can choose what you're looking for without giving your command again. And one more cool feature — you can say an address and the receiver will get you on the road in seconds.

"Find 825 Gardens Blvd."

Clarion's Intelligent VOICE. It gives you the power of Google Search right in your dash.

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