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Video: Denon demo of Apple AirPlay®

During a training session at Crutchfield, Denon shows us how to use Apple AirPlay® on Denon networkable receivers.

Video Transcript

This is a way of demonstrating how our new Denon networkable receivers work with Apple's AirPlay and therefore iTunes. AirPlay is an easy way for customers to be able to get music that was previously trapped on their computer that they had collected over the years and get it out to a convenient place to listen to it like their new Denon networkable receiver.

The first and most basic implementation of AirPlay starts when you sit down in front of your desktop or laptop computer, open up iTunes and go to your iTunes library. You take your mouse and scroll to the bottom right hand corner where you see this symbol: the AirPlay symbol. You notice you hover over it and it says "choose which speakers to use". When you click on it it gives you a choice-the speakers through your computer or, in this case, Apple considers the Denon AVR-2112CI receiver to be AirPlay's speakers.

I'm going to choose the Denon as my speakers and then I'm simply going to choose a song. When I do so it automatically connects to the Denon receiver, streams the music, and even shows you things like artist, album, and title up on the screen.

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