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Video: JVC KW-V50BT and KW-V30BT DVD receivers

JVC's KW-V50BT and KW-V30BT DVD receivers integrate seamlessly with most smartphones and bring a big, bright touchscreen to your dash. You can cutomize the touchscreen interface to your liking, and make calls hands-free.

Video Transcript

Logan: Here at the CES 2014. I'm with Jacob from JVC. Jacob, take us through some of the new features to the new JVC multimedia receivers.

Jacob: Absolutely. So Logan, I've got an AV50 and an AV30BT. Both of these head units you have either a 6.1" or a 7" screen on it, which we can do some really cool things with — digital media sources and smartphones with.

So just with the screen, the interface itself, we've had these tiles set up so they're interchangeable, so if you want to go through and put your favorite sources on here, say I want to change out iHeartRadio and put that as my iPod source, you can bring that up as one of the, you know, the key buttons right on the faceplate.

What these also have is an HDMI port on it, and that HDMI port supports MHL, which is a technology that lets you take Android phones, plug it in using one optional cable into the head unit, and then it'll just display the phone's contents right on the screen. So if you want to use Google Maps, different types of streaming radio services and stuff like that, you can just mirror those and throw those up on the screen.

Logan: So Jacob, what about all the Apple users out there.

Jacob: Apple users can still use their iPhone4, the 4S, or even the 5 with these head units too. The 5 requires a couple of cables, where the 4 and the 4S requires one cable, but once you plug that in and get it set up it'll let you put your apps on the screen and in some cases you can even have some control over certain apps on the screen-navigation, music streaming, and stuff like that. So yeah, you've got it either way, for Android users or, like you mentioned, the iPhone.

Logan: Awesome. Thanks.

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