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Video: Kenwood 2013 Marine Receivers


A marine receiver has to do more than just look good and sound great. It also has to stand up to salt, spray, sunlight, and rough weather. Kenwood designed their 2013 marine receivers and remotes to withstand the rigors of boating life, with a conformal-coated circuit board that helps prevents moisture from seeping in and causing damage.

Check out Kenwood marine remotes: KCA-RC35MR and KCA-RC55MR

Video Transcript

Zak: I'm at the Kenwood booth at CES 2013. Matt, tell us about the new marine receivers.

Matt: Okay. So we have two new marine receivers and two new marine remote controls for this year. The KMR-555U will feature a covered CD slot so that it can protect it from the elements, as well as a multi-line text display. It will also feature front and rear USB inputs for iPod connectivity to Pandora, iHeartRadio and music content. It will also feature the ability to add external remote controls, specifically the KCA-RC55MR, which features an external display as well as two lines of text-pretty much any controls from the 555U can be operated from the 55MR remote. It is also fully waterproof and is IPX7 certified.

The KMR-355U is the other new marine receiver we'll be offering this year. It features a single-line text display, as well as front-mount USB input for iPod control as well as Pandora interface for Android. It also features satellite radio ready as well as Android compatibility for music control. It is also compatible with our KCA-RC35MR marine remote which is fully waterproof and can can add up to seven of them.

Zak: Thanks Matt. Kenwood marine for 2013.

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