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Video: Kicker PowerSports weatherproof speakers

Kicker's Powersports line of speakers is built for the elements. Their weatherproof design makes them great for motorcycles, ATVs, and other vehicles that are exposed to the weather.

Video Transcript

Logan: Here at CES 2014, I'm at the Kicker booth here with Aaron. Aaron, will you tell me a little bit about Kicker's new PowerSports line.

Aaron: PowerSports is an interesting category, Logan. A lot of companies will simply take car stereo products, re-badge them as powersports. Well, the problem is it's a totally different environment. For example, on a motorcycle when you're wearing a helmet at 70mph you can't hear a car speaker. So we specifically designed these speakers to be loud at high speeds. If you put them in a car it's like they're shouting at you, but on a motorcycle or UTV they sound perfect at 70mph.

Our 5-1/4's been around for a couple of years, and we learned a lot from this product. So now we've added a 4". There's a lot of Honda Gold Wings out there that really want a good-sounding speaker, so we've added a 4" direct replacement for Honda Gold Wings. Of course you can use it in other applications as well, but it's perfect for the Honda.

The 5-1/4, as I said, and then we've also added a 6x9. And the 6x9 is really unique because once again it's PowerSports specific, which means it's completely waterproof. So once you put it in the lid of your saddlebag it's gonna play loud and clear even when it's wet. A lot of speakers, again, they take just a car speaker and they put in the saddlebag, and then the water gets in there and destroys it. Well, it's not gonna happen with the Kicker PowerSports speaker.

Also we have the PXiBT Bluetooth. So you can now use your telephone and do some streaming audio directly into your sound system without taking this thing out of your pocket. So it's a great solution for all kinds of off-road vehicles and even hot rods.

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