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Video: Managing volume in a commercial audio system

Set different levels for different zones

Let's say you want your TVs to be louder in your bar area than your speakers in the dining area. How do you do it? A well-designed commercial audio system makes it simple to tailor the audio to your particular space. Find out how in this short video.

Our commercial design experts are ready to help you get the perfect audio system for your business.

Video Transcript

Here's a Crutchfield system design tip. You may want the volume to be louder in some parts of a large room and quieter in others. One example of this might be the bar area of your restaurant. In that space, you've got servers coming and going that need to communicate with each other.

Commercial audio speakers have built-in controls called taps. A tap is a switch that controls how much of the amplifier's power the speaker uses. This is helpful if you have some speakers that are closer to customers than others in the same room, since you can effectively make the closer speakers play quieter. All spaces are different, the nice thing about a commercial audio system is that it's flexible and can be tailored to suit your needs with the help of our experts. Get in touch with our commercial audio experts to learn how we can help design your system.

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