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Video: Microphone placement tips

Where you put the microphone matters

Where you place your microphone during a live sound application or recording is vital to getting the best sound possible. Check out three quick tips to get you started in this video.

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Video Transcript

Where you place your microphone makes a big difference in your recording or live sound applications. Here are three quick tips to help you get the most out of your new microphone.

Tip #1: First, when miking a guitar amplifier, place your microphone a little off center toward the edge of the speaker cone. The center of a guitar speaker can overemphasize the high frequencies so the guitar sounds abrasive and unnatural.

Tip #2: When positioning a mike for singing, try angling it up slightly so the singer sings over the mike and not directly into it. This technique eliminates some of the pops and breath noises and does a better job of capturing the full tone of your voice.

Tip #3: For most acoustic guitars it's often a good idea to point your mike toward the neck to avoid the boomy sound that comes out of the sound hole. It's always worth spending a little extra time experimenting to find the best placement for any acoustic instrument.

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