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Video: Oppo UDP-205 4K Blu-ray player with Wi-Fi

4K picture quality and hi-res audio player

Oppo's UDP-205 4K Blu-ray player is one of our favorite components, not only because of its wonderful picture quality, but also for its audio capabilities and overall versatility. In addition to 4K video processing, you can play hi-res audio and even hook streaming sources up to it like a receiver. Check out what our expert thinks of the UDP-205 in this short video.

Read video transcript

Hi, I'm Steve, and I'm the senior home audio/video editor, and I'm going to talk to you today about the Oppo UDP-205. It is a 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray player, and it has probably the most advanced video processing circuitry of any players I'm aware of, so it's not only great at showing 4K Blu-ray discs, but also any lower-resolution discs are up converted to 4K.

Also, it has audio capabilities that are way beyond most Blu-ray players, starting with the headphone jack on the front panel. This player has a dedicated headphone amp, and it's a really high-quality one. I mean, it's as good as a lot of standalone headphone amps. So if you do much headphone listening, this will give you, you know, real audiophile performance.

So in addition to the built-in headphone amp on the front, there are a lot of connections in the back. There's a pair of balanced XLR audio outputs over here, and then the rest of your 7.1-channel analog outputs are over here, and what makes that so great is that it basically means that you can use this player as the control center for your system. You won't necessarily need a receiver then, or a preamp processor.

You can connect the analog outputs from the player directly to your power amp or power amps. Now I have the predecessor of this model, the '105 and that's the way I'm using it in my system, and it really kind of cuts out the middleman and just gives you a much more direct hookup and the sound quality is phenomenal.

Some of the other connections that it has are two HDMI outputs, and that's so that if you're using a receiver that is not up to speed with the latest HDMI features, you can just run the audio through the receiver, and then run the video straight to your TV or projector. And then it also has an HDMI input, and that is going to be great for something like an Apple TV or Roku.

Then as far as the audio, you'll see that there are some inputs there. There's an optical, a coaxial, and a type-b USB input, and those are all for taking digital signals and then running them through the great DAC and processing in the UDP-205.

So there's some really interesting things going on inside the UDP-205, so I'm going to take the top off and show you some stuff. So this is the inside of the UDP-205, and one thing you notice right away that you really don't see very often in Blu-ray players is this big toroidal transformer, which supplies the power. This is really more like one that you would see in like a receiver or an integrated amp. I mean, typically Blu-ray players have very small power supplies, so this one just ensures that you have, you know, robust clean power, and there are actually separate power supplies for the digital and analog circuitry in this player.

Another thing that's really unique to this player is the disc drive mechanism. Oppo had to develop a new one for 4K Blu-ray, because 4K Blu-ray discs spin at a much faster speed than regular Blu-ray discs, and this this same drive is often used in really high-end players that cost like multi thousands of dollars. It's generally acknowledged to be the best video disc drive in the world.

Most blu-ray players only have a single audio DAC, but the UDP 205 uses two of the best ESS Sabre DACs, and those are eight-channel DACs. It's great for surround sound, and also it's fantastic for music whether you're playing music discs like CDs, SACDs, or high-res music files.

Oppo actually has two 4K Blu-ray players, the '203 and then this one, the '05. The difference is that with the 205, you're getting much higher audio performance, and greater flexibility as far as hooking up component. If you're just going to be using this player and connecting it by HDMI to your receiver, you're probably better off going with the '203, but with the '205, because it has audio inputs for other digital components you can plug into it, as well as analog outputs, so that you can connect amplifiers directly. It is really all that most people are going to need for us a great surround and stereo system.

As you can probably tell, we're pretty excited about the Oppo UDP-205. I hope the information in this video has been helpful, but if you have any other questions don't hesitate to call us.

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