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Video: Overhauling a Music Teacher's Audio System

When you're learning to play and appreciate music, it's important that you can hear it as well as possible. We overhauled a local music teacher's classroom audio system, taking it from a tired old shelf system to a sonic marvel the whole class could enjoy. New speakers, a CD player, an iPod dock, an amp, and power protection complete the package.

Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Kevin White, and I teach music at Meriwether Lewis Elementary School here in Albemarle County. The music system that I had here at this school for many years was a good system, but it was kind of a low power. The fidelity was okay, but it really wasn't true to the experience of the music I wanted my children to hear at the school.

The system I have now from Crutchfield includes mounted speakers, an iPod dock, CD player, an integrated amp, and power protection. It has excellent fidelity. It's a wonderful sound. The bass sound is just very thick and rich. I think the kids really notice the difference. I did a little test with them and said "Which one's which?" and they all could tell the difference immediately. It really helps having a music system that re-creates the sound in the way it was intended to be. It's just really allowed the kids here, the students at the school, to have a much fuller and richer musical experience.

  • Wendy Seidewitz from Wheeling

    Posted on 10/2/2019

    Looking for a good yet budget friendly bandroom/choiroom option for wireless speakers

  • Rick from Melbourne

    Posted on 9/13/2018

    Can you please let us know what products you used for this setup? I am looking into a new setup for my music teacher and need to have an idea of what worked and how much it will cost.

  • Emily from Boynton Beach

    Posted on 8/9/2018

    What exact items were added to your new music sound system?