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Video: PSB CS500 Outdoor speakers

Jeff from PSB visited Crutchfield and told us all about the PSB CS500 outdoor speakers. The PSB CS500 outdoor speakers provide amazing sound quality even in the most challenging environments. These weather-proof speakers use high-quality drivers. The 1" titanium dome tweeter delivers crisp highs and the 5-1/4" woofer pumps out solid bass.

Video Transcript

Tara: We're here with Jeff from PSB and we're going to be talking about outdoor speakers.

Jeff: Yes we are. In fact, a new pair of outdoor speakers to Crutchfield is the PSB CS500 outdoor loudspeakers, which we have here. These are available in white or black. And what's nice, that I have the grille set to come off nice and easy for video purposes. These are actually designed on our Imagine, or our Image, series of loudspeakers, the B5, which are extremely popular bookshelf speakers with Crutchfield and around other PSB dealers. They're really an indoor speaker in an outdoor speaker body. That's really the way we look at it.

A lot of great pains by Paul were taken into account with these outdoor speakers, even the cabinet design with the indentations, so the rigidity of the cabinet is in play. So they're very sturdy, very non-resonant, which is what we don't want to have affect the sound quality.

The other great thing about these, and different from others that I've seen around is the mounting bracket. You know, all outdoor speakers have a mounting bracket, so you can put it up high or put it in corners or wherever you're gonna need it. This has an interesting piece here, which doesn't slide when you have it mounted, by the way, but it does right now. This would come off and you would attach this to any surface and then attach the bracket to it, so it allows it a lot more capability in the application of where you need it to go, whether it's tight under an awning or in a corner or off angle or whatever else, where other outdoor loudspeakers are a little more limited because you have to bolt the bracket directly to somewhere. Here I can then move it around, so pretty ingenious. Again, it is available in white and black, and it gives PSB indoor sound to an outdoor area.

Tara: If you have any questions about audio components just give us a call.