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Video: PSB M4U 2 noise-canceling headphones

Tara W., Crutchfield copywriter, talked to Jeff from PSB about their M4U 2 noise-canceling headphones when he visited Crutchfield.

Video Transcript

PSB M4U 2 noise-canceling headphones

Tara: We're here with Jeff from PSB checking out some of PSB's new headphones. So Jeff, what can you tell us about them?

Jeff: We have the new PSB headphones called the M4U2. These were specifically designed by Paul Barton, who runs PSB and all the loudspeaker designs. And these are our first foray into headphones. They're a higher end type headphone. They are an active noise-canceling headphone, but also can be used for the passive user at home if they have a headphone pre-amp or maybe the batteries die in the headphones while they're on the road they can still use them. And it has another mode as well called "amplified mode" so if there's maybe some strange things going on around you-maybe a lawnmower outside, maybe the kids — and you want to boost up the volume a little bit, it has its own amplifier which also helps if you're using a portable device so it won't drain the batteries as quickly on your portable device.

We have two separate cords we include with it. One specifically designed for iOS i devices — iPhones — that have all the controls and the microphone built in as well as skip, play, pause, and things like that.

And a very cool function we have, particularly for the road warriors and the travelers out there, is a monitor function on the cable which allows you to activate the microphones of the noise canceling function from the outside and pull in the dialogue from someone talking to you in through the earphones so you don't have to take them off your head.

A couple other neat functions about it real quick is we have the ability to plug the cable into either ear cup so depending on where the device is on your body you don't have to have the cable cut across or anything like that. It is a foldable design as you can see and we have a nice travel case that we give you with the product as well as both cables. We have extra ear cups included and the best part is, as many have said here at Crutchfield today, they are extremely comfortable. And of course they sound great, too, so that's the best part.

Tara: Thanks Jeff.