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Rachel's Sonos whole-house music system

We install Sonos music players at our web designer's house

Sonos systems let you tap into music from your personal collection and from the Internet, anywhere in your house. To enjoy the advantages Sonos delivers, place ZonePlayers in every room where you want to listen to music. The players connect to your home network — one player makes a wired connection, then communicates with all other players using Sonos' proprietary wireless network. Watch this video to see how one of our employees uses Sonos at her house.

Video Transcript

I'm Rachel, and we are at my house where we just installed a Sonos wireless music system. And what's great about it is it's so easy to set up. You don't have to wire anything. You can hook it up to your existing stereo. You hook it up to your home wireless router, and the Sonos components, the speakers that you have — the wireless all-in-one speakers — just pick up that signal, so you can put them anywhere.

You can hook it up to any of the streaming music services like Pandora or MOG. There's even a local radio component. It has an app that you can put on your iPhone or iPad. Even my two-year-old can get on the app and find songs that he likes to play.

Sonos is great for parties, because you can play the same music all throughout your house in every zone. So we had an open house, and people were kind of walking throughout the house and going upstairs and downstairs and outside, so the music played seamlessly through all the various players. I really enjoy having a Sonos wireless music system in my house. If you would like to get one set up or have any questions please give us a call.