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Video: Sennheiser RS Wireless Headphones

Clear, natural sound and long wireless range

Sennheiser's RS line of wireless headphones gives you freedom to roam while you listen. The included transmitter lets you listen all over your house with no wires to hold you back. The earcups feature plush padding for comfort, and buttons on the side let you control volume without leaving your seat. Check out the different models in the Sennheiser RS line in this video.

Video Transcript

Sennheiser's RS series of headphones are designed for crystal-clear wireless listening. If you want to hear your TV or music without having the whole house hear it, then check these out. Each model features a wireless transmitter that connects to your TV or stereo system.

The headsets feature thick padding on the headband and earcups, so you can enjoy your music and movies in comfort for long periods of time. On the right earcup, you'll find volume buttons and a bass boost button for richer bass.

The RS series headphones are powered by included Triple A rechargeable batteries. Hang the headphones on the transmitter and charging automatically begins. You'll get up to 18 hours of use with a full charge.

The RS 165 headphones feature a wireless range of up to 98 feet line of sight.

The RS 175 headphones add virtual surround sound modes for more depth and atmosphere from your favorite movies. They also feature a wireless range of up to 328 feet line of sight, and the transmitter comes with an optical audio input.

The RS 185 headphones are optimized for music. An open-back design creates a natural-sounding listening experience. You can adjust level and balance for more precise sound.

The RS 195 headphones offer customized clarity. They're great if you have trouble hearing movie dialogue or tend to really crank up the volume on your audio system. They have special listening modes and sound boosts that compensate for problems hearing TV and movies. And their closed-back design keeps external noise out.

Sennheiser's RS headphones are a great choice if you want to listen to movies or music without disturbing the rest of your house, or being tethered to your audio system. If you have any questions about these or other headphones, please give Crutchfield a call.