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Video: Sennheiser TV Headphones

Eric from Sennheiser stopped by to show us their line of TV headphones. They offer both wired and wireless options that'll let you watch your favorite shows and movies without disturbing others.

Video Transcript

Hi. Eric with Sennheiser. We're at Crutchfield, and we're talking about private TV listening solutions. Even the best TV in the world needs to be viewed sometimes in private, so Sennheiser has a pretty wide variety of options for you to choose from. Let's take a closer look at some of these options and show you how you can benefit from a private TV listening solution.

The first model is the HD 65 TV. This is a wired headphone that allows you to listen in private and prevent noise from leaking out to someone next to you. The HD 65 lets you plug into any headphone plug utilizing the 1/8" plug adapter, or the ¼" adapter and, again, listen privately. You have access to about twenty feet of cable with a volume slider with balance control. This allows you to fine tune the amount of volume in each ear cup, as well as the overall volume level. The belt clip on the back makes it easy to reach for this remote control here and determine the overall volume level.

If you'd like to go wireless, we have two options for you. There's the SET 840 TV and the SET 840 S. They both feature radio frequency transmission. In other words, this transmitter here, when plugged into a working wall outlet, will send audio via radio frequency to this receiver here. It features an automatic on/off so when you put on the headphones, it automatically turns on.

You can connect it to your RCA style audio source. You can also connect it to a 1/8" audio source, a ¼" audio source, or use the bundled microphone to attach it to a television speaker. This will help amplify the sound around you. It features an easy to reach and adjust volume control, rotary style, so without looking you can adjust the volume.

There are also three different channels to choose from, so if there's interference from and older cordless phone or a neighbor, you can simply move to a new channel. You also have the ability to manage balance control here that fine tunes the amount of volume in the left or right ear.

Now the SET 840 TV features an emphasis on the frequency range of speech. It makes the spoken word easier to understand in the evening news, movies, and other dialogue. You can charge a battery right inside the headphone itself, or charge it in the accessory slot on the side. Batteries take up to about three hours to charge and again you have nine hours of listening pleasure.

The SET 840 also comes in a variant called the SET 840 S. This version simply does not include the ear bows and allows you to attach the headphone of your choice to it for, again, wireless transmission that's personalized for your audio or fit preferences. There you have it — wired and wireless solutions for TV listening from Sennheiser. Thanks for checking them out.