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Video: Sony NEX E-Mount Cameras

Sony's NEX cameras combine a large, DSLR-sized image sensor with a small body to give you an interchangeable-lens system that pumps out great images. Its small form factor makes it easy to carry, and an ever-growing family of lenses will help you capture your creative vision.

Video Transcript

Zak: I'm at the Sony booth at CES 2013 and Eldean, tell us why would somebody want to get into the Sony Alpha system.

Eldean: So, you know, we have two lines in the Alpha system. We have our, what we call our A-Mount cameras, and our E-Mount cameras. And there's a little difference between those two, but I'm going to start on the E-Mount because this is something that is really, really taking off. What makes the E-Mount cameras, or the Alpha NEX cameras, so exciting is that they have a very small flange back distance.

Now, there's a couple of things here. One, as you'll see, it has a full APS-C size sensor. Now this is the sensor size that's used probably on 95% of DSLRs on the market. So you're going to get exactly the same quality out of this camera as you are gonna get out of a regular size DSLR camera. Now because it has no mirror, it can make the camera extremely small. It makes it really easy to use so for somebody first, you know, stepping into the SLR market it's a really great camera.

But in addition to that, somebody who already owns a DSLR or maybe a working pro who would have a full-frame camera doesn't want to carry it with him all the time, but they insist on the best image quality.this again fits that need for the person who wants the best second camera that they can go out and shoot with.

So besides the large sensor — a large sensor gives you great color, great gradation — but it also gives you great control over depth of field, and also phenomenal low-light performance. Now with this flange back distance being so small, if you are already invested in a system, and we see people, everybody from, you know, Sony users, Minolta users, which, you know, we obviously, we took over Minolta many years ago in the camera division, but all the way up to Leica users who are taking really expensive, you know, eight- and ten-thousand dollar lenses and putting it onto the NEX system with a simple adapter. Now we can do that because this flange back distance is so far back. So an ultra-versatile camera that literally gives you limitless possibilities in terms of lens selection and choice.

Zak: Great. Thank you so much.