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Video: Sound mixing tips

Mixers let you take all the instruments and vocals and turn them into a clear stereo mix. Here are a few quick tips to help you mix more effectively.

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Video Transcript

A mixing board lets you combine all of the vocalists and instruments into one clear mix for live sound, recording, broadcasting, and a bunch of other applications. Here are three easy tips to help you mix more effectively.

Tip #1: For live sound mixing of bands in smaller venues, any electric guitars and drums will usually be loud enough to be heard clearly throughout the room without any amplification through a PA at all. A good way to build a balanced mix is to start with only the vocals turned up then bring up the volume of only those instruments that can't be heard properly. This way you'll hear the natural sound of the band in the room without the confusion that comes with music that is overprocessed or too loud.

Tip #2: When you want a particular channel to sound less harsh, cut the mid-range and treble a little and boost the lows just a touch. You really want to avoid any dramatic boosts which gives sound an artificial feel, so use a light touch.

Tip #3: In order to keep things clear in a vocal mix, turn down the bass controls on all vocal mics not being used for a male voice singing bass. You could also use a high-pass filter on those channels if one is available on your mixer.

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