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Video: Updating the sound system at Trinity Irish Pub

Trinity Irish Pub, a popular dance club on the University of Virginia campus, needed an update to their sound system. We sent one of our in-house Pro Audio experts, Dallas, to help. He designed a system with plenty of clean power so Trinity could rock into the early morning hours with ease.

Video Transcript

(Voiceover) Trinity Irish Pub needed a new sound system, so we sent our Pro Audio specialist, Dallas, to help.

Dallas: They had some, you know, X-Y-Z brand powered speakers, two, and a powered sub that wasn't filling the entire space. The powered speakers didn't have adequate volume or power to get the volume levels they wanted, and that's when they called me for help.

Because of the height of the ceiling, we definitely knew we needed to suspend the speakers to get them over the crowd so they weren't blocking the sound. So we picked the PRX400 series 12" as the four satellites to surround the dance floor to get an immersive effect on the dance floor.

I teamed it up with Crown amplifiers that have built in limiting factors so the system could be calibrated and protected, so as visiting DJs come in, plug their rigs into the system, they would be limited and protect the speakers. All of your equipment needs to be plugged into power protection, preferably filtering and power protection.

We set up the system, calibrated the system, passed the signal through a dbx DriveRack for auto-calibration of the room auto EQ setting. It also has the ability to perform anti-feedback control for any live mic that you are using. And everybody's very happy with this system now. There's plenty of clean power and they've got a lot of headroom.

  • clint from Columbus

    Posted on 4/23/2016

    Awesome can't wait to finish up with my 1983 Yamaha product of the yr Yamaha b-70 one of the best amps for value today and then it's a steal if u find one .and I can't decide an adding a crown to try and keep up I need it to match power output and I hope I make a decision soon it's summer soon move Clint Wolf

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