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Video: When to Use a Monopod

J., Crutchfield photographer, gives us some tips on when to use a monopod.

Video Transcript

J: There will always be a time when you need to support your camera for longer exposures or for longer lenses. You have two choices: tripods or monopods.

A monopod, being a third of a tripod, is lighter and faster to react. You can move around a lot easier with one. So say sports, weddings, stuff like that, using a long lens, low light, I'd pick up the monopod. When you're working all day with a heavy lens, a monopod can save your arm a lot of stress.

Tripods — of course I use a tripod doing all the still life photography for Crutchfield. When you're gonna have to repeat an image — tripod. They're a little bit slower to use but if you're doing an intricate set up or macro photography, that's what you're gonna need. But for more lively things where both subjects moving a lot and you're moving a lot, a monopods the best thing.

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Last updated 8/16/2019