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Video: Yamaha R-N303 stereo receiver

A powerful, reliable receiver you can put on your home network

Video Transcript

Hey I'm JR, and I'm here today with the Yamaha R-N303. It's a great stereo receiver, kind of old-fashioned right? It's got a hundred watts by two, A and B speaker channels, plenty of analog inputs, including one for your turntable, so all of the things you would expect in a standard sort of stereo receiver.

It's also, of course, got an Ethernet connection and Wi-Fi built in, so you'll be able to put this baby on your home network, so you'll be able to play music from your computer, even high-res music files up to 24 192, and you'll be able to get music into it from your portable devices, either using Bluetooth, or if it's an Apple device, airplay, or Yamaha has also created something called Wi-Fi Direct, which is a direct Wi-Fi connection between the receiver and your portable device that doesn't even involve your home network, so it sits into a separate individual Wi-Fi connection. It's kind of cool to be able to do that.

Also you'll be able to control the receiver from a control app on your phone. It's a free download, it's a Yamaha control app. It'll give you all the basic controls of the receiver from your phone, so you can adjust the volume from anywhere in your house not just where you can see it with the infrared remote.

And of course it's Yamaha, which means it's simple and easy to use and built tough. It will last a lifetime. Check out the great reviews on these products from our customers, people are raving about it. We love it as well. If you have any questions about this receiver or any other stereo receiver, please give us a call, chat with us online, or send us an email, our advisors are here and ready to help you.