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Video: ClarionMiND

Heads up!

Welcome to this article from the Crutchfield archives. Have fun reading it, but be aware that the information may be outdated and links may be broken.

The ClarionMiND combines GPS functionality with Wi-Fi Internet connectivity. Our experts take it for a spin in this short video.

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Zak: Hi. I'm Zak.

Tara: And I'm Tara and we're here on the Crutchfield campus today with the ClarionMiND. And this device is pretty cool because it combines the functionality of a computer with that of a GPS unit so it's really an all-in-one.

Zak: It's really great. You use it to get on the internet. You can put it in your car and use it as a GPS. It'll play all your movies, music. It's really fun to use. It's unique too.

Tara: The first thing that we noticed about this was the big screen. It's almost five inches so it's really easy to read and even better it's easy to type on so you can quickly input an address for GPS or a search term for YouTube.

Zak: It's got a durable feel. It feels well-built and it runs Linux as an operating system which makes it stable and fast.

Tara: It's also really intuitive so you can pick it up and just give the GPS unit a spin or jump right into the internet browser and search around for stores.

Zak: There really is tons we could be talking about here, so we're just going to give you an overview today, but if you want to learn more about it go to

Tara: And right now what we're going to focus on are the things that caught each of our eyes as we took these for a spin. One of the things that the ClarionMiND gives you is GPS navigation and it actually comes with everything you need for navigation in your car. It comes with this handy mount as well as a car charger so you can keep the power going.

Inside Tara's car

Tara: Now the navigation gives you points of interest, like restaurants or stores. so you can look stuff up while you're on the go but because the MiND has an internet browser you're actually able to look up points of interest using Google Maps before you leave your hotel room or your house, save them as customized points of interest in the GPS unit itself, then when you're out on the road you can pull up that address and head straight for it.

It also features a really big screen that we've talked about before and that screen comes in really handy when you're driving around town. It's easy to see maps or see street names, and if you don't want to look at the unit while you're driving, it has text-to-speech so you'll hear where you need to go before you get there. It'll tell you to drive straight or turn left or right as you approach the intersection. One final thing is that it has built in Bluetooth so if your phone is Bluetooth capable then you can appreciate the hands free calling.

So what we're doing here is selecting our address which is one of our favorite restaurants, Baja Bean, and we've already downloaded it into the GPS unit before we left and we just hit OK and it'll calculate our route for us.

ClarionMiND: "The route has been calculated."

Tara: So now we're ready to go.

ClarionMiND: " .2 miles turn right onto Seminole Trail"

Tara: And that's the text-to-speech feature which lets you know the road name coming up so you don't actually have to look at the unit the whole time you're driving.

At the restaurant

Zak: So we made it to the restaurant and they've got a Wi-Fi connection here which means that I can get onto the internet using the ClarionMiND and doing that couldn't be much simpler. And there I am. And what I really like is that it features tabbed browsing. Tabbed browsing lets you open separate pages on little tabs and just get back and forth between them really easily.

And also, the ClarionMiND features dedicated buttons for different things, including YouTube, so we can get up to YouTube really easily. I've picked out one of our videos but you can watch whatever you want. And that's it. That's the thing I like best about the ClarionMiND. It's easy to get on the internet. It's fast and just works really well.

So we've just finished telling you a couple things we each liked about the ClarionMiND. Personally, I could see this being great on a road trip. You've got your kids in the back watching movies on it or if you're in the airport I can check my e-mail. I don't have to lug around a laptop or fiddle around with tiny cell phone buttons.

Tara: Yeah. I really liked it too because it's so small and it's just the one thing you carry with you. But while it's small, the screen is quite large so it's really easy to see, really easy to type on. Now we've only had time to touch on a couple of the things that we liked about this so if you want to learn more you can find details at

Zak: And of course you can always call one of our friendly Advisors at 1-800-555-9408.