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Video: Alpine V-Power Amplifiers

Heads up!

Welcome to this article from the Crutchfield archives. Have fun reading it, but be aware that the information may be outdated and links may be broken.

Learn about some of the features that make Alpine V-Power amplifiers a strong choice for great-sounding car audio.

Read video transcript

JR: Hi, I'm JR.

Ken: And I'm Ken. Today we're going to be talking about Alpine V-Power amplifiers. These amps are a really good value for the money.

JR: Such a good value in fact they've become our best selling line of amplifiers at Crutchfield. This MRP-F250, which is a 4-channel, 40-watt x 4 amplifier, has become our best selling amplifier.

Ken: Yeah, we get a lot of good reviews on the V-Power series, and not just from people who are buying an amp for the first time. We get people writing in who have had different brands, stepped up to the V-Power series and like what they hear.

JR: Absolutely.

Ken: We may be getting ahead of ourselves just a little bit though, talking about how great they are. Some people might want to know why they should have an amp in their car in the first place.

JR: You know, your car's stereo has an amp but it's a little tiny IC.

Ken: Integrated circuit?

JR: Exactly. Which, you know, it powers your speakers but not like the circuitry in an amplifier with much larger power supplies, better capacitors, heat sinks to dissipate heat. It simply offers more control and detail.

Ken: Control's an important point. You know a lot of people, I've talked to people, who say "I don't need an amp, I'll blow out my speakers."

JR: Right.

Ken: And actually there's more chance they're gonna blow out the speakers if they've got their speakers under powered and they're trying to crank the volume up too far. If you've got an amp that's got power and control you're gonna work the speaker properly and get great sound.

JR: Yeah, and with clean power you can hear that detail not only at loud volumes, but even at quiet passages you'll hear more of your music.

Ken: Yeah I like to listen to classical and it's important to get the detail in the quiet passages plus the loud stuff that I like too.

JR: Absolutely.

Ken: Yeah these V-Power amps have a lot of, uh, features built into them too don't they?

JR: For example the variable high-pass and low-pass crossover allows you to really dial in with a knob exactly where you want to cross the amplifier over.

Ken: Yeah, in other words the high frequencies go to the small speakers, the lows go to the low, big speakers.

JR: Exactly.

Ken: You know another feature these have that I like is speaker level inputs.

JR: Absolutely.

Ken: If you have a factory stereo and want to add an amp you've gotta have that. And all you do in this case is connect your speaker leads from your car up to this plug, hook it into there, and your factory system is gonna sound better than you ever dreamed it would.

JR: Looks pretty easy. You know, there's an Alpine V-Power amplifier for just about any need. There's a 4-channel amplifier and a mono subwoofer amplifier.

Ken: Yeah, and different wattages too, for different needs, depending on how much boost you want. So if you want to learn more about the Alpine V-Power amps check 'em out at

JR: Or give us a call at 1-800-555-9408.

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